Earth Day, April 22nd, 2020

On April 22nd, 2020, the Earth—our blue planet—will be honoured with Earth Day in over 175 countries, this year, exactly for the 50th time! What would man be without the Earth? Where would our house stand, what would we breathe, drink and eat? We are a part of the Earth, our body is a part of her, for it consists of the four elements by which we are inextricably connected with her. If we want the best for ourselves and our bodies, we should also want what is best for the whole Earth.

A life without our Earth is just unimaginable, maybe that is why we often forget to be grateful to her? It is good, therefore, that we, the humanity of the Earth, should altogether remember her invaluable service on at least one day of the year and be grateful for it. Nevertheless, from now on let us not skip a day without doing something for the well-being of our Planet. From now on we can direct all our thinking and acting towards restoring order on this Planet.

– For example, we can use products in our household that do not contain any toxins. Did you know that with only five natural, non-toxic ingredients you can make all the cleaning products, needed in your household, yourself?

– We can prepare our food from fresh produce directly from the farmer or from the market in a way that it nourishes our bodies instead of polluting them, that it keeps them healthy instead of making them sick. In other words, so that our food is truly food for life. We can support the farmers who farm without pesticides, allow their animals to live in dignity and maintain and even promote biodiversity on their farms through mixed crops, flower strips, wetlands or natural streams.

– We can avoid plastic bottles, buy as few things as possible in plastic packaging and thus prevent that softeners, hardeners and other hormonally active substances from the plastic get into our bodies and into the environment.

– We can also promote biodiversity in our immediate surroundings. Even a small balcony gives an opportunity to provide breeding places for birds and flowering plants for insects. In our own garden we can improve the quality of the soil by properly composting, supporting micro-organisms rather than reducing them and letting them do what they are there for: to supply our soil with good humus.

– We can go outside with our children instead of placing them in front of digital devices, and marvel with them at the small and big wonders of Nature. We can teach our children to treat Creation with respect.

The order in Nature has a healing effect. It helps us to put our own lives, emotions, thoughts and physical environment back in order. For with its beauty it provides us with a guideline and is an example to us. And fortunately, the beautiful, real pictures still exist: pristine rivers, shining flowers, pure mountain ranges, wild bays, vast forests. The preservation of this beauty is essential for us humans. What else can provide future generations with orientation, if we only generate disorder, dirt and noise today?
Humans are capable of so much more: In cooperation with Nature, we can support and even accentuate its beauty and abundance. Nature, on her part, loves to work together with mankind in friendship and provides us abundantly with everything we need.

There is no need for proof. It is enough to go through life with open eyes every day. You will find a little impetus for this in our new presentation for Earth Day 2020, which we have put together in love and gratitude for our home planet. We wish you a lot of joy while looking at it, we live in a wonderful world!