Arbor Day, April 24th, 2020

April 24th, 2020, just two days after Earth Day, is the International Arbor Day. Trees provide us with shade on a hot summer’s day, but they give us much more: oxygen in exchange for our “waste product”, the CO2 that we exhale; flowers that feed the insects; fruit to snack on; roots that hold the fertile soil together. Trees provide a home for countless creatures: birds, beetles, spiders—even mammals raise their young in tree hollows. Trees also supply us with wood for a house, which is beneficial to our well-being, and as social creatures they even teach us a way of life: A fully grown tree is first of all concerned with the well-being of the forest community!

However, trees are becoming more and more distressed, as they are particularly affected by the increasing mobile phone radiation. Their leaves wither due to technically generated, electromagnetic fields. Without intact leaves, a functioning metabolism, the so-called photosynthesis, is no longer possible. No wonder that nowadays trees in many places get sick because their immune system is weakened—by the artificial microwave radiation of mobile communications, which is far too strong for nature. As a consequence, trees become more and more prone to various diseases or can no longer fend off their predators, so that these gain the upper hand. So trees become sick not only due to changes in climatic conditions. Under the permanent exposure to mobile phone antennas, just one more stress factor, such as drought, is enough for the tree to have a problem. But trees are essential for our survival.

That is why, if the current situation allows it, you should plant at least one tree on International Arbor Day! Many garden centres also offer to deliver container plants directly to your home, or you can order a small tree in advance and pick it up on site. If you are unable to plant a tree on this year’s International Arbor Day, please think about how you can express your gratitude and appreciation to the trees in other ways. Perhaps you could hang a nesting aid or bird feeder on a tree? Perhaps you are having a picnic with a friend or family member or two in the garden or forest at the foot of a tree? Or perhaps you supply a tree with fresh water if it hasn’t rained for a long time? Maybe you just hug a tree? And: It is never too late to plant a tree! Make sure you do this the next time when you have the opportunity.


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