Sunlight is nourishment

Light is life! This needs to be taken quite literally, because sunlight is the most important nourishment for our body and an indispensable source of energy for our mitochondria, i.e. our cellular power plants. Even if we take in enough healthy nutrients through food, these cannot be converted into sufficient energy for our body unless we are exposed to sunlight. Without sunlight, our body lacks the healthy tension and energy, the warmth and we feel ill-tempered and unhappy.

On the other hand, sunlight promotes many processes in our body in a positive way. Sunlight…

… increases the physical & mental performance
… has a positive effect on our psyche
… promotes regeneration
… can reduce blood sugar
… improves the breakdown of stress hormones
… promotes the production of reproductive hormones
… improves the regulation of the vegetative nervous system
… increases the uric acid excretion in urine
… has a preventive effect against many types of cancer
… improves the mineral balance and bone metabolism
… lowers the risk of diabetes
… reduces inflammations
… improves the immune system
… supports the cardiovascular system
… enhances wound healing
… can relieve and cure depression, MS, skin diseases, gout, rheumatism and many other diseases

It is no coincidence that the annual “flunami” usually overwhelms us in the darker times of the year, when there is a lack of “nourishing” sunlight. With the help of sunlight, our body can itself produce vitamin D, which is essential for a healthy immune system, but because, nowadays, we spend far too much time indoors, vitamin D deficiency has virtually become a national disease. For an optimal vitamin D supply, we need about 20 minutes (fair-skinned people), respectively 90 to 120 minutes (dark-skinned people) of direct sunlight on the skin every day—depending on tolerability and skin type. By the way, sunlight itself does not cause cancer. Whether or not our skin can immediately, with the help of free radical scavengers, neutralize itself the free radicals produced by UV radiation, rather depends on whether or not our skin has been damaged by malnutrition or a wrong lifestyle and thus has got a limited regenerative capacity, or hasn’t.

So, benefit from the first days of spring, when the power of resurrection is visible and tangible in all of nature, to recharge your body with sunlight. Take a walk in the fresh air (while at the same time you can practice the Power of Breath), use the outdoor spaces at your disposal such as a balcony, terrace or garden to relax, read a good book or meditate in the sunlight. If you have no possibility to leave your rooms, open a window and move a chair into the sun to benefit from its power. It does not suffice to sit in the sun behind the closed window, because the glass acts as a barrier. For the same reason, you should also take off your glasses, if you wear them, when sunbathing.


Perhaps you would also like to express your gratitude for all the gifts of nature in the way of meditation, as expressed in the following prayer of an American Indian shaman:

“You have made the Earth holy
as well as my body,
therefore, on your behalf,
I will keep the Earth holy,
respect every blade of grass and honor the flowers and the trees.
My soul is growing
with the reverence for all living things
and my body is getting strong in the rhythm
of your Sun and your Moon.”