“Fear-free Through The Crisis”—These Bach flowers accompany you effectively through the coronavirus state of emergency!

The Original Bach Flower Therapy was named after the English physician Dr. Edward Bach. In the 1930s he developed a healing system based on the healing powers of the blossoms of 38 wild flowers, shrubs and trees. The purpose of Bach Flower remedies is the solving of mental blockages, the constructive management of individual everyday problems or persistent mental stress and crisis situations, and the accompanying treatment of acute and chronic diseases.

In the search for an effective but gentle way to restore our inner balance and our mental and physical well-being, Bach flowers can be a wonderful support.

Directions for use and dosage:
The Original Bach Flowers are available at pharmacies and drugstores. They can be taken without any concern by people of all ages (including children). There is no danger of overdose or side effects. The choice of a “wrong” flower concentrate has no harmful effect on health. The concentrates do not influence prescribed drugs, nor are they impaired in their effect by them.

The drops are taken as often as necessary, but at least 4 times a day, especially first thing in the morning and last thing in the evening. Apply 4 drops directly on the tongue or mix them in a glass of water. Let the essence act in your mouth for a few seconds before swallowing it.

To choose the appropriate remedy, please read the descriptions and choose the remedy that best fits your current situation. You can also mix several remedies, but there should not be more than five different essences. In case of doubt or if your pharmacy does not stock all Bach flowers in its product range, you are always well advised with the “Rescue Remedy” described below.

Rescue Remedy
Medicina imponenda
This remedy consists of five different Bach flowers (Star of Bethlehem, Rock Rose, Cherry Plum, Clematis and Impatiens). As the first “emergency remedy”, it quickly brings back physical stabilization as well as emotional and mental relief in acute emergencies, in accidents, in times of crisis and after traumatic experiences.

Rock Rose (No. 26)
Bot. Helianthemum nummularium
The “emergency remedy” for seemingly hopeless situations.
For sudden illnesses and terrible news that cause great fear, panic or helplessness.
Rock Rose helps to overcome extreme fear, confusion and panic, and acts as a support in exceptional situations and crises to keep a clear head, to be calm and steadfast and to master the crisis.

Mimulus (No. 20)
Bot. Mimulus guttatus
The remedy for concrete fears such as fear of illness, of pain, of accidents, of the loss of a loved one etc.
Mimulus helps you to face life’s challenges with courage, to face them with confidence and inner serenity and to rise above your own fears and anxieties.

Red Chestnut (No. 25)
Bot. Aesculus carnea
The remedy for all those who constantly worry about others and are in great fear that something could happen to their relatives.
Red Chestnut helps to develop inner strength, trust and confidence and to stop worrying too much about others.

White Chestnut (No. 35)
Bot. Aesculus hippocastanum
The remedy for worrying and undesirable thoughts that are constantly revolving around a certain stressful situation and which seemingly cannot be stopped (“thought carousel”). These thoughts are extremely distressing during the day and prevent you from falling asleep or sleeping through the night.
White Chestnut helps to regain balance, calm and clear thinking and to deal constructively with current problems.

Cherry Plum
(No. 6)
Bot. Prunus cerasifera
The remedy that helps not to lose internal self-control or “explode” when the internal pressure seems to be overwhelming and seeks discharge.
Cherry Plum helps to relieve the extreme inner tension and pressure and to calm down highly agitated feelings. Inner balance, calm and stamina in difficult situations are strengthened.

Gorse (No. 13)
Bot. Ulex europaeus
The remedy for extreme hopelessness, resignation and depression – when it seems that there is no more help.
Gorse helps to regain hope and faith for an improvement of the life situation. Gorse helps to develop optimism and gives the necessary strength and courage to overcome crises and see the positive in life again.

Star of Bethlehem (No. 29)
Bot. Ornithogalum umbellatum
The remedy for severe crises and emergencies as well as for states of shock after traumatic experiences.
Star of Bethlehem brings relief and profound comfort.

Elm (No. 11)
Bot. Ulmus procera
The remedy in cases of complete overload, extreme stress and the danger of mental or physical breakdown, as the current life situation seems to exceed all personal strength.
Elm helps to find back to inner composure and to regain confidence in order to master the current situation or crisis.

Gentian (No. 12)
Bot. Gentiana amarella
The remedy for scepticism, doubt, discouragement and pessimism.
Gentian helps to gain more confidence and stamina even in critical situations or in case of setbacks. One develops natural faith, becomes more determined and learns to tackle problems instead of seeing them as insurmountable obstacles.

Wild Rose (No. 37)
Bot. Rosa canina
The remedy for resignation, apathy, indifference and discouragement.
Wild Rose helps to regain confidence, joy and energy and to see so-called strokes of fate as an opportunity to grow and mature.