Coronavirus: How can you prevent getting ill?

The world is literally under the spell of the many different and sometimes contradictory reports about the spreading of the coronavirus. Governments have issued various protective measures and implemented restrictive orders for the population, but the importance of effective prevention and the appropriate strengthening of the immune system, which should always be given attention in the winter months anyway, is hardly mentioned by the media, authorities and experts.
The World Foundation for Natural Science would like to close this gap and give you an overview of the most sensible preventive measures that help your body to activate its self-healing powers and, in case of illness, to strengthen the immune system in the best possible way to restore health.

Regular hand washing with soap is an excellent method to prevent possible infections. Also a correct coughing and sneezing etiquette and the use of disposable handkerchiefs is always helpful to prevent droplet infection.

Deep abdominal breathing, consciously performed for 10 minutes several times a day, has a profound effect on the flow properties of the blood and thus also on the oxygen supply and detoxification of our organ systems.

Haemogram before (left) and after (right) a breathing exercise and visualization according to Dr. Shioya: As a result, the cells are radiant, energetic and vital. (Copyright © 2019 by Lindenberg Energie GmbH)

Fresh air, exercise and sports:
Oxygen is one of the most important life foods! Aerate your living and working spaces regularly and exercise in the fresh air several times a day. It’s perfectly okay if your pulse beats faster, sports can also stimulate your immune system!

Avoid stress! What sounds trite is an important tonic for our immune system. So go through the day relaxed, harbor positive thoughts and feelings and take your time for all decisions. Also take a moment several times a day to communicate with loved ones in a constructive way.

This is no secret either—good, regular and restful sleep is a must for our immune system! Especially during the cold season, it is therefore good to take advantage of the longer and darker nights in order to get enough sleep, as a flu prevention measure.

Light and balanced diet:
The intestine is the cradle of our immune system. Therefore, optimal digestive function as a prevention of flu-like infections is central. It helps to eat simple, fresh and light meals, to cut back on products of animal origin and to replace them with as many foods rich in vital substances as possible, such as berries, leek and onion plants, vegetables and fruit, herbs, wild plants, sprouts and seeds. Probiotic bacterial preparations (probiotics) and the intake of lactic acid-fermented juices or foods such as sauerkraut also strengthen the intestinal functions and the intestinal flora.

Vitamins D and C:
The combination of these two vital substances has proven to be effective for the long-term strengthening of the immune system, especially as a prevention during the flu season. In case of an acute illness, the daily amounts should even be increased for a short time. Use high quality products of natural origin!

Various minerals also have a strengthening effect on the immune system and the mucous membranes. Zinc in particular increases the body’s defence mechanism and the protection of the lung and intestinal mucous membranes. Selenium, as a strong antioxidant mineral, is essential for various functions of the immune system, detoxification and cell protection.

Herbal remedies:
Many medicinal plants have an immune-strengthening, mucous membrane protecting and antioxidant effect. These include plants such as echinacea, thyme, parsley, rosemary, basil, mint, ginger, turmeric, oregano, liquorice, rockrose, elderberry, rosehip or horseradish. These plants can be ingested as tinctures, teas or in meals.


Avoid microwave radiation:
Do not prepare your meals in the microwave oven. Avoid the use of mobile phones, cordless phones, Wi-Fi and all technical devices that communicate wirelessly. The electromagnetic radiation of such devices weakens the defence and detoxification ability of our organ systems and cells and impairs the regenerative and self-healing powers.

Aids for acute cases:
Should you have to stay in bed with symptoms of cold and fever, there are still several things you can do to support your body in the healing process. Herbal teas with ginger, thyme or sage strengthen the immune system and free the respiratory tract. You can also apply a warming chest ointment from the drugstore or pharmacy. Inhaling with thyme or eucalyptus oil and the intake of Umckaloabo (tincture) or acetylcysteine (available from the pharmacy) promotes the expulsion of mucus. With bronchitis and pneumonia, potato and mustard seed poultices have been found to be very effective. If your symptoms do not improve, you should consult your naturopath or homeopath for individual advice.

Joy of life:
Like attracts like! If you start off and go through your day with joy and enthusiasm, with thoughts and feelings of friendship, love, trust, strength and hope, that’s exactly what you will find in your life. Pay very close attention to what information and messages pull you away from these qualities and cause you to have doubts and fears. Negative emotions have been proven to weaken our immune system. Learn from this to immediately turn your attention back to the constructive and life-enhancing things, people and information. And do not forget: Laughter is the best medicine!