Planting One Trillion Trees Will Help Solve Climate Change

Trees are incredible! They provide us with air to breathe and absorb carbon dioxide in return. A new study from ETH Zurich shows that if there are one trillion trees planted globally on land that is already available for this, then the so-called global climate crisis could be averted. Planting trees is cheaper and much more effective than any other solution in solving some of our manmade climate problems. No technological development is required. Trees help us naturally and for free!

It is now recognised in mainstream science that planting trees and especially reforesting on a large scale can have massive beneficial effects on the environment. The scale of reforesting required ranges from an area the size of the United States to that of the United States and China combined. Though this seems astronomical, there is, as shown by researchers at ETH Zurich, enough land available on the planet that is not urban, that is not farm land, but is available now for trees to be planted. Large areas in the United States, in Russia, China, Australia and other countries are ready to be reforested. It’s estimated reforesting on this scale could reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere from any between 25 to 75 per cent. We will also see a large increase in oxygen in return.

Trees do this and so much more! Reforestation will restore a more harmonious life across the world. Where there are trees, there is water; these areas will see more regular rain fall and reduce flash flooding because trees bind soils together, allowing for much greater absorption of water. Water tables will rise and the opportunity for a more biodiverse environment is there. We will see more birds and insects because they will have homes again, squirrels and many other animals will flourish and a myriad of plants, fungi and soil bacteria will spring to life. A tree is a village. A forest is a city of life!

Around the world, there are large-scale tree-planting projects already underway. From Pakistan’s ‘10 Billion Tree Tsumani’ to the ‘Great Green Wall’ right across the middle of Africa, countries are taking incredible steps to restore the natural environment. Everyone can make a difference. Plant a tree!



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