World Oceans Day

On the 8th of June, World Oceans Day proclaimed by the United Nations will be celebrated for the tenth time. The day reminds us how important the oceans are for life on this planet, for example in terms of food security, climate and health. In many places in the world different activities will take place like beach cleaning, lectures, meetings, public booths and much more.

Considering the extremely critical state of the seas and oceans, every day, however, should be dedicated to this largest and absolutely essential ecosystem for the survival of our planet, because did you know that….

… the seas and oceans are the habitat for 90% of all living creatures on earth?

… the moon is better explored than the seabed? Of the seabed, we only know 5%!

… about seven times as many species live in the sea than on land?

…75% of our planet’s oxygen is provided by the plankton in the ocean?

…we would have to endure an average temperature of 68 degrees Celsius if the oceans did not absorb around 93 percent of the heat from the atmosphere?

… every year about 19 million tons of plastic lands in the sea?

… it is why there is an average of six times more plastic than plankton in the oceans, and even up to forty times more plastic than plankton in certain places?

… plastic pollution has increased so much that plastic can already be detected in our blood and our excretions?

… 14.7% of the mainland is protected, but only 7% of the seas and oceans?

These few facts show that we as humans and all living creatures – regardless of how close we live to the sea – need intact seas and oceans. So, should we not all be working for the recovery of this unique, life-giving ecosystem?

The World Foundation for Natural Science shows in an impressive and touching way how indispensable and valuable the sea is with the video presentation “Protect the Sea!”

Let yourself be inspired!