5G blocked in Brussels

Brussels, the seat of the European Union, has halted the roll out of 5G, the next generation mobile communications standard, because of recognised risks to health.

The Brussels Environment Minister has blocked the roll out of 5G in her city because she recognises the lack of evidence that 5G will cause no harm to life. She is quoted as saying: “The people of Brussels are not guinea pigs whose health I can sell at a profit.” Though Belgium has already agreed with the industry to relax standards of radiation, that is, to increase them to accommodate 5G, the city of Brussels rightly is concerned that the level of radiation must be measured first to prove it is within recognised safety limits [1].

In fact, when it comes to safety, in a senate hearing the industry is quite clear that they have conducted no safety studies for 5G at all and there are none on-going [2]. It is no wonder, therefore, that the Environment Minister of Brussels has taken this strong step against 5G! Prove it is safe and we will accept it. They cannot.

It is recognised that wireless phone networks, be it 2G, 3G or 4G all carry negative health effects because of microwave radiation [3]. 5G is no doubt little different: there are negative health effects from 5G [4].

There are huge consequences for rolling out 5G for the environment, for life on earth. Most obvious is that for 5G to work, it needs a clear path for its signal. This means that any trees in the way will have to be cut down because 5G does not readily pass through leaves [5]! Trees give us life, the very air we breathe; to remove trees for super-fast mobile phone access that we don’t need is ridiculous! All the life that trees bring: the homes for animals, birds, insects, plants and funghi, would be gone. Trees convert carbon dioxide, which we exhale, into oxygen. Without trees, what will our lives be like? 5G makes no sense at all.

Brussels has taken an entirely sensible step. Local governments in the United States are also taking sensible steps to limit or block 5G roll out as awareness raises as to the devastating effect 5G could have [6].

We all need to do the same: to raise awareness with our local councils, governments and politicians. Find out what you can do in your locality about the threat of 5G to life. Look at our 5G page and read our brand new 5G brochure to find out what you can do [7].



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