Arbor Day 2018

Arbor Day 2018, Friday, April 27th, 2018

On the occasion of Arbor Day we will plant an English oak (Quercus Robur) celebrating the anniversary of „25 years The World Foundation for Natural Science“ on the Chripfelihof farm in Switzerland. This tree is going to remind us and future generations of the founding of The World Foundation for Natural Science on February 10th, 1993. The oak stands for strength, constancy and victory. Qualities that we all need for our task of demonstrating through The World Foundation for Natural Science how the restoration and healing of our world can be accomplished through responsibility and commitment in unity with Natural and Divine Law.

Trees do an excellent job. Large or small, native to the tundra or the tropics, each tree is important. Trees regulate the climate, with their help, deserts become water-rich, fertile areas again1. Trees hold the soil together and with their strongly branched rootstock enhance the soil’s water storage capacity. They serve as a habitat for thousands of microbes and microorganisms and shape and enrich the countryside. What is needed is us, humans, who are planting trees instead of cutting them down; Humans who appreciate and protect trees.

The English oak, that will be planted on April 27th, 2018 at 4 p.m., is 6 meters high. Through its example we would like to remind you of what trees are capable of.

This oak tree will have accomplished the following, almost incredible things in a hundred years.  It will:

  • be about 20 meters in height and will display a crown diameter of ca. 12 meters.
  • have increased its stand space with its ca. 600’000 leaves by an estimated 1200 m2 leaf surface tenfold.
  • have formed -through the airspaces of the spongy tissue- cell surfaces for gas exchange of about 15’000 m2.
  • be able to process in one day 9’400 liters or 18 kg of carbon dioxide. With a content of 0.03 % of carbon dioxide in the air, about 36’000 m3 of air will have to flow through the leaves to accomplish this.
  • give out in one day ca. 400 liters of water to its environment and thus considerably moisten the air.
  • breathe out daily 13 kg of oxygen as a side product. By this it covers the needs of about 10 humans.
  • produce for itself 12 kg of sugar and with this energy will build all organic substances it needs for living. One part it stores as starch, from the other part it produces new wood.

One tree is capable of doing all this! If we wanted to replace our pedunculate oak, it would take 2’000 young trees with a crown diameter of about 1 m3 to achieve the same results.

Plant a tree on this day!
Wherever you may be. Celebrate this day in your home, in your neighborhood or your local community, together with friends. We also cordially invite you to participate in our events. Help us with the planting and thus together we make a difference!

Each tree, big or small, is going to provide you and the entire world with the above like the pedunculate oak! All life is connected!

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April 28th, 2018
1:00 pm – 16:00 pm
Kitsilano Public Library
2425 Mcdonald Str.
CA-Vancouver (in the meeting room)
ExhibitionNo registration needed


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