Switzerland: New Federal Act on tobacco products

On December 8th the Swiss National Council is going to vote on the proposal of the Federal Council regarding the new Federal Act on tobacco products. According to this Act, tobacco product manufacturers will no longer be allowed to advertise in newspapers, on posters, in cinemas or online portals. Distribution of free samples or sponsoring of international events will be forbidden as well. The tobacco industry vehemently opposes losing these privileges it is enjoying nowhere else in Europe.

The World Foundation for Natural Science clearly states that tobacco products no longer have a place in this world and that it cannot, under the guise of misconceived tolerance, still be accepted that every 6 seconds a human being dies from active or passive tobacco consumption.
For this reason (the team of) The World Foundation For Natural Science has written a personal letter to all Swiss Councillors.

Read the letter here (PDF)

On 8 December, the National Council rejected the Federal Council’s draft bill for the new tobacco product legislation by 101 votes to 75. The Federal Council is now to revise the bill so that only a ban on the sale of cigarettes to minors is legally anchored, but no restrictions on advertising or sponsoring will be made.

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