MMR vaccine causes dangerous health effects from autism to death

The actor Robert De Niro, whose son has autism, has called for the film VAXXED! to act as a trigger to addressing the recognition that the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine can cause autism in children [1, 2]. This has been recognised in the medical community since the late 1990s  [3]. Dr Andrew Wakefield was vilified and struck from the medical register [4] for identifying the harm that the MMR vaccine can cause, showing the link from the effect of the vaccine on the gut, and subsequent affect on the brain and behaviour of toddlers and children.

Japan has banned MMR since 1993, and maintains that ban, citing the scientific and medical evidence as published in journals such as The Lancet and their own statistics that there was a 2,000 per cent increase in health problems in children after the introduction of MMR in 1989, and no reduction in measles, even when switching to a different brand of MMR [5].

In 2014, Dr William Thompson, a senior scientist at the American Government Agency, the CDC, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, admitted that data on the health effects of MMR vaccine on African-American children had been deliberately left out of an article published in Pediatrics in 2004. This article was used by governments and media to claim MMR is safe. The results of the CDC study actually showed a 340% increase in autism in vaccinated African-American boys MMR-vaccinated before the age of three [6]. This research is reported in the VAXXED! movie.

Vaccines contain many toxic substances such as aluminium, formaldehyde and even human foetal DNA fragments [7]. Aluminium is known to be neurotoxic and to cause long-term inflammation of the brain. It has been linked to autism in many studies – one study even going so far as to state: ‘the correlation between aluminium in vaccines and Autism Spectrum Disorders may be causal.’ [8]

Some vaccines such as, influenza and Hepatitis B vaccines, still contain thimerosal, which is mercury [9], the most neurotoxic element known to science. Studies show a significant association between thimerosal-containing vaccines and neurodevelopmental disorders including autism, mental retardation, speech disorders and personality disorders.  Scientists Tomljenovic and Dorea conclude in their study [10]:

‘It is high time to reassess the rationale for using thimerosal a known immune and neurotoxic substance in human vaccines.’

The United States monitors side effects, health damage and death caused by vaccinations [11] although it is law that vaccine manufacturers cannot be sued! However, it is hardly surprising that some governments award vaccine damage payments [12].

Hiroko Mori, former head of the infectious disease section within Japan’s National Institute of Public Health states: ‘Medicine is supposed to be about healing, but babies who cannot speak are being given unnecessary shots because parents are scared. Children are losing their ability to heal naturally,’ [13]. As compulsory vaccinations are being tabled in some parts of the United States and elsewhere [14], Mori is sobering voice of reason: ‘There are so many people who have suffered side effects (from vaccination),’ Mori is quoted in The Japan Times. ‘All we are asking is to establish the right to say ‘no.’ The right to choose should be recognized as a fundamental human right.’


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