Earth Day 2016

On the occasion of Earth Day on April 22nd all round the world Mother Earth, who is providing for us all we need and require, and this on a constant basis, was honoured. The question is what we humans do in return: do we give anything back, how much and what?

We all know that what humanity does with Earth’s gifts often is not positive, and as a result we suffer, too. In fact, there is an intimate link between the wellbeing of our planet and our own wellbeing; there is no separation. And, always, there is a ripple effect in everything we do – “What I do affects you, and what you do affects me.” There is much to correct and it can and has to be done – by us!

Pledge-to-Mother-Earth_EN_coverTo this end, The World Foundation for Natural Science not only gives you information as news on our homepage, newsletters, lectures, seminars, Congresses, Fact Sheets and brochures but also invites you to help to change developments in the world which sooner or later – for the most part sooner – must be tackled in order to correct the disequilibrium humanity has created. And everybody can make a difference in one way or another, in most cases in one way and another, however small it may be according to our own (mis-)judgement. It all begins with “Yes, me”, a Pledge to Mother Earth and, if you so desire, to become a member of The World Foundation for Natural Science.

Wouldn’t it be good to say on April 22nd 2017 that everyday of the past year has been a day of action and gratitude for Mother Earth, that everyday was an Earth Day?

Members of The World Foundation for Natural Science have taken a first step in this direction by making use of April 22nd 2016 for different activities, for example, with information booths or even a whole seminar on the topic. We will be happy to inform you about this in detail here at a later date.