Invitation letter

Man is not standing outside creation. We are right in the middle of it, we are part of it. What we do to creation, we do to ourselves. If we weaken and do harm to the life around us, it harms us just as much, especially our bodies. They get sick because we poison the soil and the water with pesticides; because we try to strengthen our bodies with ”empty“ food; because we not only pollute the air, but we also cut down the forests that would help us by producing fresh oxygen. We are living, in a sense, in a giant microwave oven because we are pushing digital technologies that all rely on artificial electromagnetic radiation, regardless of the consequences.

The ”core business“ of The World Foundation for Natural Science is the restoration and healing of the world through responsibility and commitment in accord with natural and divine law. It is our task to look closely, to understand the correlations and to share our insights and experiences with our fellow human beings.

The best opportunity to do this is at our International ”New Scientific Outlook“ World Congress, which this year will be held in Regensdorf, Switzerland, from October 20th to 23rd, 2022.

Put this date right now on your agenda. Change on a large scale will only happen if each and everyone starts with change in themselves. For this, it is never too late.

Thursday, October 20th, 2022

The True Science of Life

“God has failed. Long live Science!” This is the tenor that has become louder and louder in recent
years. Science has all the answers to our questions and problems, it says, we only have to believe it.
But what is True Science? From what source does it originate? Does Science stand in the service of life
on this Earth? If not, then who does it serve? And if answers are found, are they always valid from now

Friday, October 21st, 2022

The Underestimated Giants—How Trees Regulate the Climate

Everyone is talking about climate change, and many consider it to be the most pressing problem of our
time. The culprit has long since been identified: it is CO2, and the fact that there is far too much of
it is once again the fault of mankind. But hardly anyone talks about the trees in this context. The
Earth’s forests play a major role in the sensitive balance of climate, vegetation and water balance:
clear the stage for the silent, green giants of the world!

Bean or Drone—The Future of Agriculture

The world population is growing and growing. Will the Earth still be able to feed people at all in the
future? Has the model of small-scale farming finally had its day? Is organic already on its way out? We
take a critical look at the promises of recent decades, such as the “Green Revolution” and assess
whether their successors, namely Smart Farming, the new genetic engineering or Vertical Farming, will
lead agriculture into a an abundant future.

Well Rooted—A Journey to the Inner of the Soil

What we see with our eyes is often only a small section of reality. This also applies
to our view of plants. We recognize the apple tree or the sunflower and enjoy its fruit or its colour.
But most of the “plant body”—often about eighty percent—is hidden from our view. But it is there, deep
in the soil, at the roots, where life pulsates and where a foundation is laid for further processes such
as water balance or soil fertility.

Agricultural Forestry—Living the Symbiosis

A century-old practice is currently experiencing a renaissance. Our ancestors knew
that everything is interconnected. If these interrelationships are used wisely—in agroforestry, for
example, the woody plants, arable crops and livestock—not only do the individual elements benefit, but
the entire system grows and thrives. This is a model from nature from which man can learn and which
could play an important role in food supply security.

Saturday, October 22nd, 2022

Digital isn’t green—From Ideology to Reality

What’s digital is good for the environment, so the common belief goes. Efficient, cost-effective and
sustainable are the buzz words. The reality, however, looks different. Digitalisation not only requires
a lot of electricity, it also creates new problems, for example in terms of security, disposal or
resource consumption. This puts entire ecosystems, such as the oceans, at risk. We need to take off our
rose-tinted glasses and take a hard look at a modern saviour.

The Energy Turnaround—Much Smoke and Mirrors

The much-praised energy turnaround is costing us dearly right now. And is it really true that the Earth
will be better off thanks to wind energy and electric cars? Who really profits here? And have we already
exhausted all the possibilities that the sun offers us? We show that it is also worth taking a closer
look at “clean” energies, and that “ultimate” solutions unfortunately rarely deliver what they promise.

When the Light Goes Out—Recipes Against the Hunger and the Cold

Europe is gearing up for a harsh winter. If the blackout really does happen, it will be cold and
uncomfortable—and it may take time before everything runs smoothly again. Are we prepared for this? Are
our bodies, accustomed to civilization, fit enough to make do with less and stay healthy? Our
grandparents still knew how to provide for times of need. Did you learn from them? If not, don’t panic,
you can learn from this lecture.

What Robs us of our Sleep—Turning our Backs on Fear

A quarter to a third of the world’s population suffers from chronic sleep disorders. This is no trivial
matter, because sleep problems weaken the immune system, increase the risk of accidents, lead to
obesity, mood swings and many other illnesses. Worry and anxiety are among the most common causes of our
restless tossing and turning in bed. But nature can provide gentle relief in many ways, so that we can
finally find peace again.

Sunday, October 23rd, 2022

My Body, a Machine?—On the Abolition of Spirit

Am I my body? Do I own my body? Our understanding of what a human being is, what our body is, has
changed fundamentally in recent years. Today, there are hardly any limits to the modelling and
modification of the body. This goes so far that in the future, thanks to artificial intelligence and
similar technologies, we should be able to influence our bodies to such an extent that we will be
immortal. Is this something worth striving for? And where is the soul in all this?

The Restoration of Natural Order

Man has overcome God, so it seems. Mankind has thrown off the limitations of space and
time, is advancing into new universes, is reinventing itself and the world. We can breed meat so that no
animal has to sacrifice its life for us anymore. We can soon “manufacture” our own offspring so that
disease will be a thing of the past. So have we left the laws of nature behind? Are we free? Or is this
just the beginning of the end?

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