Thursday, October 29th until Sunday, November 1st, 2020
Maritim Hotel, Ulm, Germany


“The more you love, the more active you will be,” the Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh is supposed to have said. And how often do parents tell their children: “You don’t destroy what you love”? For, yes, it is love for the Earth, the awe for the innumerable wonders and secrets of Nature—of which we’re nowhere near to having discovered them all yet—that spur us from The World Foundation for Natural Science on—and, hopefully, you, too—to actively stand up for our planet and all her inhabitants, be they two- or four-legged, equipped with flippers or feathers, crawling or scuttling, swaying in the wind or rooted deep into the soil.

We feel certain: everyone has talents and abilities he or she can contribute in order to make this wonderful and unique world, which is hurt and maltreated in many ways, a better place. We offer you the knowledge and the tools so that you can, individually, where you are, make a difference together with like-minded people.

Our annual world congress in particular is an opportunity to engage in more depth with current topics, and to exchange ideas and thoughts with other people. This year, the congress takes place from October 29th until Sunday, November 1st, 2020, in Ulm, Germany.

You can already preregister for the congress, today. And should you have missed last year’s congress, you can catch up with our review and expand your knowledge by means of the recorded presentations.

We are looking forward to meeting you as our guest at our congress in the autumn!

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