Thursday, October 31st, 2019

The Burden of Loneliness

Why togetherness and caring for each other is essential for us

For people, relationships, partnership, family, friendships, bonding, compassion and communication are of such immense importance that we react strongly to a lack or even absence of them. The “symptoms” range from a cold to high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, cancer, mental illness and death. What can we do about loneliness that more and more people are suffering from?
As a father of six children, naturopath with more than 30 years of experience and ordained priest, The Very Rev. Dean em. Paul Probst, SF, holds an immense treasure trove of experience and knowledge, making him the right person to lead The World Foundation for Natural Science as its European President and to convey to people the relationship between natural science and religion.
The Very Reverend Dean em. Paul PROBST, SF, European President, The World Foundation for Natural Science, Lucerne, Switzerland
Friday, November 1st, 2019

5G – Totally Digital?

Why 5G is much more than simply a new standard for mobile communication

The wireless telephone at work, the smartphone in your pocket, WLAN and smart meter at home – and now the new 5G mobile communications standard all mean that exposure to electromagnetic radiation is constantly increasing. But how harmful is the radiation really? Do the international limits offer sufficient protection? Who wants 5G? And what is new about it? Franz Ulrich explains the downside of mobile phone communication without scaremongering and points out concrete options for action in everyday life.
Franz Ulrich holds a degree in electrical engineering (ETH Zurich) and has been running an office for energy and electrosmog issues together with his wife for twelve years. Many years of practical experience, an interest in recognising correlations, and experiments in his own laboratory lead to a great deal of knowledge which he is glad to pass on in lectures.
Franz ULRICH, Electrical Engineer ETH, Hohenrain, Switzerland

Is Mobile Communication Unhealthy?

The visible effects of electromagnetic radiation

How does our body deal with mobile phone radiation? Is it possible to easily recognise the effect of technical radiation on natural systems? Does radiation change water, the element on which all life is based? How do animals and plants react? Denise Ulrich pursued this question with experiments in her own laboratory. Her findings provide clear answers and show that the solution is simple.
Denise Ulrich works as an independent geographer after many years of teaching at high school. She loves to observe nature and to learn from it. For some years now she has been concentrating on questions of water quality and water structure. In her own small laboratory, she has the opportunity to experimentally put the theory into practice.
Denise Ulrich, MSc in Geography, Secondary PGDipEd, Hohenrain, Switzerland

“A rolling stone gathers no moss”

A practical guide for more exercise in everyday life

If there is a lack of movement, something comes to a standstill. This applies not only to the physical level, but also to our thoughts and feelings. Gabriela Baumann talks about the “tree of life” in the human being, and how breathing and posture affect our feelings and general health. Those who do not practice regularlycertain activities lose the ability to do so. Your body speaks to you – a guide to listening.
Gabriela Baumann has been working in holistic body therapy for over ten years and uses gentle alternative methods to bring the body back into the optimal posture at all levels, relieve pain and promote well-being.
Gabriela BAUMANN, certified Dorn therapist, Horgen, Switzerland
Saturday, November2nd, 2019

Beekeeping Revolution – Species Protection for Honeybees

What honey bees need now

The housings of honey bees in their present form were designed by humans to be able to manipulate the bees as easily as possible. We have moved further and further away from nature, with massive negative effects on bee health. Now we have to focus on the natural behaviour and needs of honeybees and offer them nature-oriented habitats again. Ultimately it is about the conservation of the species.
Torben Schiffer from Hamburg is a teacher and scientist and works at the University of Würzburg with wild honeybees living in tree cavities. He is the founder of Project Beenature and wants bees to be able to live again under natural conditions. He examines the climatic differences of natural habitats of bees in comparison to manufactured hives and their effects on the health, behaviour and biology of bees.
Torben SCHIFFER, teacher, Neu Wumstorf, Germany

Freed from poison

This is how we help our body to safely get rid of toxins

We live in a much polluted world. Studies and experience show that the body’s own metabolic toxins and waste products as well as toxins absorbed from the environment can cause damage to the body. This is why the detoxification of our body, its organs and tissues is more important than ever today. The liver and the intestines play an especially central role. How do we support these excretory organs so that toxins can be eliminated in a targeted and safe way?
Lukas Waldmann completed his training as a certified naturopath TEN (Traditional European Naturopathy) at the School of Applied Naturopathy in Zurich, Switzerland. For nineteen years, he has been running his own practice with a focus on alternative medicine. Lukas Waldmann has many years of experience in the fields of intestinal health, nutrition, metabolic therapy and detoxification as well as in working with doctors and dentists.
Lukas WALDMANN, Swiss certified Naturopath TEN (Traditional European Naturopathy), Rotkreuz, Switzerland

Goodbye plastic!

A Life Without Plastic Is Possible

No other place in Europe produces more plastic than Germany. But it is not so difficult to escape the packaging madness. Find out how plastic affects the environment and our health and what you can do to stop the flood of plastic. Because “nobody has to buy plastic, you just have to know the alternatives – and that is not as complicated as many think.”
Unwrapped soap instead of shampoo in plastic bottles, cleaning cloths from old T-shirts, snacks in stainless steel boxes – at the Bunk’s from Munich such things are natural. What moved Anneliese Bunk to resolutely change the life of her family? Shaken by a report on the dramatic consequences of the flood of plastic and its harmful effects on health, she decided in December 2013 to make plastic avoidance her new life task. In cooperation with Nadine Schubert, her ideas were published under the title “A Better Life Without Plastic”. The book made it into the Top 20 of the Spiegel bestseller list in July 2016.
Anneliese BUNK, “Der Spiegel” Bestselling Author, Munich, Germany
Sunday, November3rd, 2019

Building with Wood

Without compromise, healthy, independent and in circulation

From the promise to build houses that make us healthy, a model has emerged in the last 25 years which changes the construction industry with explosive power. The lecture shows possibilities that open up to us when we build using the gifts of nature and dispense with chemicals. Real wooden houses do not consume energy and are the healthiest for us and the environment. We can look ahead with joy because there is no future but only the potential of the present.
In addition to his activities as managing and technical director of Thoma Holz, Florian Thoma is also on the road as a lecturer. As Erwin Thoma’s son, he was able to benefit from his father’s and great-grandfather’s wealth of knowledge and experience from birth. Growing up in the remote Tyrolean mountains, his early childhood was marked by life in and with nature. The change of residence into a house built with toxic materials, which became necessary when he entered school, made him experience early on how valuable a healthy body is. After his studies at the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences in Vienna, he led numerous research projects for the Thoma company. Deep personal experiences and curiosity drive him to continue exploring and promoting building with wood. He lives with his wife Christina and his two children in St. Johann im Pongau.
Florian THOMA, graduate engineer, St. Johann im Pongau, Austria
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