Overview of topics


The Soil – The Foundation for our Lives – has become Fatally Ill. A Call for Action.

Around the world the soil is in a disastrous condition, caused by industrialization and senseless use of pesticides. Predominantly profit-oriented and short-sighted thinking puts the soil Earth, the most significant foundation for our lives, not only at risk, but to a great extent it has already been lost. You are going to learn of solutions as to how each of us individually and we as a society in general can contribute to the soil’s ability to regenerate and also to produce “real food for life”.
Angelika Lübke-Hildebrandt, MSc, Expert in soil quality, U.R.S. Land Management, United Research for Soil, Peuerbach, Austria



Birth is a God-given Process!
The Caesarian – a Troublemaker through and through.

In the last 20 years the Caesarian section rate in our civilized world has more than doubled. However, it is the mother’s choice of how to give birth that significantly affects the health of the newborn child. In contrast to a natural birth the passing on of vital micro-organisms from mother to child does not occur in a Caesarian section birth. Based on their personal experiences, Harman and Wakeford, accomplished parents both, share with us what happens during a natural birth and how a Caesarian can affect future generations. They tell us what can be done if a Caesarian section is unavoidable!
Toni Harman & Alex Wakeford, filmmakers and producers of the award-winning film “Microbirth”, England



Feeding Antibiotics to Livestock and the Resulting Fatal Consequences.

Twenty-five thousand people in the EU alone die of infections caused by antibiotic-resistant germs each year. The incorrect application of synthetic antibiotics in agriculture has a part in this. These pharmaceuticals enter the groundwater through the animals’ natural excrements and finally land on our plate and in our daily food. This means that antibiotics no longer work for men and animals. How to change this life-threatening practice to lead to a renewed harmony of man, animal and nature will be presented by
Dr. med. vet. Nicole Herout, Centre for Holistic Veterinary Medicine, Lichtenberg, Austria



Vaccination – Myth or Threat?

Vaccinations, based on synthetic formulae, weaken the immune system. Such “recipes” have some serious and irreversible side effects. Many doctors are already aware of this fact and avoid vaccinating themselves or their families completely. Efficacy studies and proof of success are provided mostly by the producer of the products themselves and have to be viewed as entirely subjective. Is it justifiable to exclude non-vaccinated children from school, to keep citizens away from their workplace or even to force people to be vaccinated considering this profound set of problems? A professional demonstration of counterarguments and sound evidence will be presented educationally and in a most professional way by
Daniel Trappitsch, Delegate of the “Impfentscheid” Network Board, Buchs, Switzerland



Genetic Engineering – Hidden Killer of our Health and of our Entire Quality of Life.

Already 90% of all baby food and 80% of all processed food is genetically modified. Genetically modified substances can be found in corn and soya seeds, and just as frequently in animal food for dogs, cats, birds, cows and fish, as well as in our own food. The effects of genetically modified organisms have a disastrous potential – ranging from allergies to cancers and even death, causing tremendous damage. They unhinge the entire food chain. We show you what to pay attention to in order to have only natural, organic food on your plate.
Prof. Dr. Karl Cox, PhD, University of Brighton, England
Lukas Waldmann, Naturopath, Rotkreuz, Switzerland



Mobile Phone Radiation – The Silent Intruder of Modern Times.

All life is based on electromagnetism. Man-made microwave radiation (caused by the worldwide proliferation of devices such as mobile phones, which are literally placed in our children’s cradles, Wi-Fi, cordless phones and microwave ovens) uses the same frequency range which nature, and even our body cells, use for communication! This artificially created radiation destroys all vital processes and threatens ALL natural life. Hear about solutions of how to protect mankind, animals and nature.
Marcel Hofmann, MSEE, Graduate Electrical Engineer HSR, Utzigen, Switzerland



Teeth – Mirror for our Health…Really?

Many physical and mental diseases and conditions–from depression to rheumatism and cancer–are directly related to the health of our teeth. We illustrate by way of examples why only natural food is beneficial for the health of our teeth, how chemicals have a detrimental effect and why it is necessary to clean our teeth with fluoride-free toothpaste. In addition we will show you the different roles bacteria and heavy metals play in tooth decay and what the natural alternative to fluoride is.
Dr. R. Zac Cox BDS, Holistic Dentist, London, England
Lukas Waldmann, Naturopath, Rotkreuz, Switzerland



Is all Milk the Same? Not so Fast…

Commercially available UHT or pasteurised milk, which is severely degenerated by the manufacturing processes, is a strain on the human body and frequently triggers asthma, allergies and osteoporosis. However, raw milk from grass-fed, organic grazing cattle has the opposite effect. Raw milk is an essential, healthy and beneficial food. Recognise the characteristics of the true white refreshment!
Prof. Dr. Ton Baars, Research Institute for Biological Agriculture (FiBL), Frick, Switzerland