In recent months, we humans have become aware, sometimes painfully, that we are not in control of nature in the way we might think. We are not standing outside creation, we are right in the middle of it, we are part of it. What we do to creation, we do to ourselves. If we weaken and do harm to the life around us, it harms us just as much, especially our bodies. We have become weak because we poison the soil and the water with pesticides; because we try to strengthen our bodies with ”empty“ food; because we not only pollute the air, but we also cut down the forests that would help us by producing fresh oxygen. We are living, to a certain extent, in a giant microwave oven because we are pushing digital technologies that all rely on artificial electromagnetic radiation, regardless of the cost to life.Have we learned something through the experiences of the past months? Have we become more humble? Do we pause to check if we are (still) going in the right direction?

The ”core business“ of The World Foundation for Natural Science is just that: The Restoration and Healing of the World through responsibility and commitment in accordance with Natural and Divine Law. It is our task to look closely, to understand the correlations and to share our insights and experiences with our fellow human beings.

The best opportunity to do this is annually at our International ”New Scientific Outlook“ World Congress, which this year will be held in Ulm, Germany from November 4th to 7th, 2021.

Put this date in red pencil on your agenda. Change on a large scale will only happen if each and everyone starts with change in themselves. For this, it is never too late.

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