Natural agriculture

Nowadays, industrial agriculture orientates itself on productivity and profits, all too often forgetting its own roots in the process. But agriculture does not end at the border of your own allotment. Agriculture has an immense influence on the health of the soil and thus of a country and its inhabitants. Natural agriculture includes the microorganisms in the soil, the animals, and also the food that is produced, and it concerns farmers and consumers alike. It is only when agriculture takes Nature and its creatures into consideration, and not just the economics, will it be able to serve its valuable purpose.

If possible, shop directly at the farms in your neighbourhood. They need your support and encouragement.

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Pesticides are unnecessary and violate human rights

„Excessive use of pesticides is very dangerous for the human health and the environment and it is misleading to claim that pesticides are necessary for ensuring food production.” In their report to the General Assembly of the United Nations and The Human Rights Council of the United Nations the special rapporteurs Dr. Hilal Elver und Baskut Tuncak contradict the paradigms of the agricultural chemistry industry giants. Read on...

Arbour Day 2017 – Pictures of worldwide Activities

Around the globe very many people have committed themselves to the trees, have participated in events, have planted trees or have “only” strolled through the forest to wonder at this true miracle of nature and to honour to it. With numerous information booths the attention has also been drawn to the importance and existential significance […] Read on...

Earth Day 2017 – Pictures of worldwide Activities

Earth Day has been celebrated worldwide. Under the patronage of The World Foundation for Natural Science through numerous activities like, for example, lectures or information booths, various aspects of our wonderful planet have been highlighted. This great commitment for Mother Earth has been documented for you with pictures. Read on...

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Today’s industrialised agriculture creates sheer “agricultural deserts” through the wrong maxim of “Ever bigger, ever faster, ever cheaper”. But healthy soils and the pure drinking water filtered through them form the basis of all life. Only the small, flexible, local, rural agriculture possesses the corresponding sustainable solutions in order to help the soils recover. For example, climate farming with biochar: It increases the humus content and thus the fertility of the soil and in this way positively influences the soils, water, climate and foods – in short, the entire ecosystem.


Already 90% of all baby food and 80% of all processed food is genetically modified. Genetically modified substances can be found in corn and soya seeds, and just as frequently in animal food for dogs, cats, birds, cows and fish, as well as in our own food. The effects of genetically modified organisms have a disastrous potential – ranging from allergies to cancers and even death, causing tremendous damage. They unhinge the entire food chain. We show you what to pay attention to in order to have only natural, organic food on your plate.