Youth & Mobile phones

Jugend & HandysThough mobile phones are convenient, they are anything but harmless to health due to their electromagnetic radiation. Children and adolescents are especially sensitive to microwave radiation. They have thinner cranial bones, a more susceptible nervous system, a less robust immune system and, since they are still growing, an increased cell division rate. That is why cell damage caused by radiation spreads much more quickly in their bodies.

Youth & Mobile phones

Mobile phones should not be used under the age of 16

In 2005 the Viennese Medical Chamber had already suggested that children under the age of 16 should not be using a mobile phone. The Medical Chamber joined with the recommendations of the British National Radiation Protection Board and the Danish Cancer Society. If you still cannot convince your child to go without a mobile phone, you can find further information on the handling of mobile phones in our brochure “Cell phones are out!”.

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All life is based on electromagnetism. Man-made microwave radiation (caused by the worldwide proliferation of devices such as mobile phones, which are literally placed in our children’s cradles, Wi-Fi, cordless phones and microwave ovens) uses the same frequency range which nature, and even our body cells, use for communication! This artificially created radiation destroys all vital processes and threatens ALL natural life. Hear about solutions of how to protect mankind, animals and nature.