Project Leader
Lukas Dossenbach, Beekeeper

For several years there have been reports about an unprecedented disappearance of bee colonies. In America, the percentage of disappearing colonies varies between thirty and seventy per cent, depending on the state. In Spain, Poland, Switzerland, Germany, India, New Zealand, and in other countries, similar observations are being made. The bees are just not returning to their hives and disappear without a trace.

The sudden disappearance (also called “Colony Collapse Disorder” or CCD) cannot be explained by any known parameters such as monoculture, pesticides, migrating beekeepers, etched or genetically engineered seeds, diseases and parasites, such as the Varroa mite, as no dead animals can be found in the hives.
However, several scientific studies show a strong correlation between the mysterious disappearance of bee colonies and the mobile communications network radiation with the accompanying disturbance of Earth’s magnetic field, which is used by bees and other animals for orientation purposes.

At the same time the bees’ immune system, just as the human immune system, is weakened by the constant mobile communications network radiation, which makes it susceptible to the Varroa mite, viruses or any other environmental influence, especially unnatural ones such as pesticides.
The bees’ disappearance endangers our food supply, as one third of our food worldwide and approx. ninety per cent of our native fruit trees depend on the pollination by bees and other pollinating insects.
The World Foundation for Natural Science speaks up for bees to be more loved and honoured, and for their service to nature and mankind to be appreciated once again. Additionally we want to encourage a loving cooperation between bee keepers and their bees, and therefore a natural beekeeping based on Natural and Divine Law. At the same time we are tirelessly standing up for a healthy life without unnatural microwave technology, as applied in mobile communications and many other areas, and which is the actual cause for the seemingly mysterious disappearance of the bees.

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