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Restoring and Healing the World through Responsibility and Commitment,
in accord with Natural and Divine Law

"The World Foundation for Natural Science is the new world Franciscan Scientific Endeavour of The New World Church, representing a strong FOUNDATION of thousands of responsible, learned, and intelligent men and women of science and industry, serving in the outer world (and representing 74 countries), who are singularly dedicated to restoring and healing the World through responsibility and commitment, in accord with Natural and Divine Law."

In the very early morning hours of Wednesday, 10th of February, 1993, an extraordinary meeting was convened at Ely, Cambridgeshire, England, to which came certain very high ranking individuals directly involved in the influence of World Government, as it should be, and World Commerce. Out of this secret meeting came an important decision which concerned not only the future of the United States of Europe and the world, but also the future of a World Activity known as The Brotherhood of Humanity – The New Franciscan World Mission Endeavour of The New World Church. At this long and intense meeting it was decided unanimously, by all those attending, that it was of the utmost importance to create a second Group Endeavour through the Mighty Organism of The New World Church!

The Brotherhood of Humanity is the ‘leaven’ for a new World Religion, rebuilding the New World Church of God with ‘living stones’, in the Spirit of Francis of Assisi. This is "The New World Mission Endeavour of The New World Church", and it is a very necessary avenue provided for the committed brother or sister to be able to give, in return, to Almighty God! But, as many of our professed members have repeatedly found over the years, since first joining our Royal Ranks, there needs to be a way of reaching out and influencing our fellow men and women of scientific pursuit, and those whose head rules their heart. The so-called ‘businessman’ (or ‘businesswoman’) in the west respects the man or woman "of science" more than they respect their parish priest or local pastor. But both of these ‘worlds’ within a world control the ‘marketplace’, and it is these two worlds working together that have become a power unto themselves that is inexorably killing Mother Earth and every part of life upon the planet – rendering the waters undrinkable, making the air unbreathable, poisoning the soil, killing the trees, the plants, and the flowers, drowning the fish in chemicals, killing the animals in the name of science or for sport, and murdering millions of innocent human beings in the process.

There are many, many good men and women in both of these communities who see what their companies are doing to the world they live in, but feel powerless to stop them without jeopardising their reputations, their careers, and their hard-won position of responsibility in their chosen field. With their help we can do something for them and for our world and theirs. We are already doing this in the Spiritual World, and we have been doing this with great success for the past twenty years or more. Now we are reaching out to those who are so wrapped up in a world that daily plays at being God, that any thought of God changes their scientific equations, gives them answers that are contrary to their so-called ‘re-search’, and confounds their college learning. This needs to be changed for a New World Religion to begin to respiritualise the churches, and for the New World Order of Divine Government and International Unity to take hold in every nation of the world. And so what was decided at the historic Ely meeting was to create a new Activity known as The World Foundation for Natural Science!

These are men and women like you with a gospel like yours, who are looking for a way to teach what they know to be true to a disbelieving and skeptic minority – their working colleagues – a minority that controls the majority; a minority with incredible power, that is presently a force for evil, a very small group that is slowly poisoning the planet, eradicating the birds and the animals, and murdering millions and millions of innocent human beings every year... but they don’t know it. We have members and scientific contacts in every major country of the world.

Thus are we a strong FOUNDATION of responsible, learned, and intelligent men and women of science who can share with the rest of us in the world their special point of view, and the discoveries they have made in their particular part of THE WORLD. Above all, we strive to be honest men and women, remembering always that we were each created by Almighty GOD. The Goal of this mighty new Endeavour is to understand the Essence of Creation OF which we recognise ourselves collectively and individually as being each a vital but minuscule part of the whole.

We study what makes this world, what keeps this world, and what this world needs to continue in the true Spirit by and with which it was originally founded. We know that the things of nature didn’t just happen on their own, and life draws from us just as our individual lives depend upon ALL Life, because there is a ripple effect in everything we do as human beings. "What I do affects you, and what you do affects me."

At the school you attended, ‘Natural Science’ was anything but ‘natural’. It was a chain of theorems and erroneous conclusions that had been accepted, ‘naturally’, by a gathering consensus of those who were not willing to push beyond a basic recognition of what they witnessed. To recognise GOD (or whatever you call ‘Him/Her/It’) is to recognise THE NATURAL FORCE behind the ‘Science’ you are studying. For the most part, the Science of Life is natural, it just IS. We ‘Wonder At The Magic’ of it, but we are constantly trying to dissect it. But in the dissection we lose the wonder, and we forget what it once was that gave us the impetus to find out what it IS... because it isn’t that anymore. The answer to this is that when we first wondered at ‘it’, it had life and now we are trying to find out what it was that gave ‘it’ life, and WHY. Why ‘what’, you might well ask? You cannot find out ‘what’ if you kill the ‘why’. And there will always be a WHY(?) because that is the Nature of God Who created you and me, and The Almighty created that which we are attempting to understand.

That is what Natural Science is all about. We will never fully understand Nature, nor the ‘Science’ of it, because we are a vital and necessary part of what it is we are trying to understand. We can’t get out of the way long enough to be able to look at it objectively enough, because by removing ourselves from the equation what we are studying is now incomplete. And that is what gives The World Foundation for Natural Science its reason for being, because in our endeavouring to understand what is around us, we come to learn what is within us, and why we are here on this ‘World’... that’s why we have embodiment! Life is not an accident. We study the intricate patterns and designs of life. We do not believe in the supernatural or the supernormal. Everything can be understood up to a point, and most things can be explained, with sufficient study.

NATURAL means pertaining to, produced by or based on nature; physical, normal, not miraculous, not the work of man, and not interfered with by man. SCIENCE means knowledge ascertained by the observation, identification, description, experimental investigation, and theoretical explanation of natural phenomena which is critically tested, systematised and brought under general principles of understanding. NATURAL SCIENCE, then, is very much the science of nature, as distinguished from mental or moral science and from mathematics. Of course, not everyone in The World Foundation for Natural Science is presently a scientist in the sense of the word. Our World President is more of a philosopher, a naturalist, and a metaphysician these days, although he gained his diploma in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology at a well-known College in England. Likewise, hundreds of our members come from the ranks of science, and are also proficient in the study and teaching of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics as based chiefly on objective quantitative hypotheses.

But although this is very much a part of our work, as you might expect, The World Foundation for Natural Science is primarily concerned with the study and teaching of everything pertaining to the natural laws of Nature, and the sense of right and wrong which arises from the constitution of the mind of man, as distinguished from the results of revelation or legislation; botany, zoology, and mineralogy – the sciences that deal with the earth and its productions; natural resources, which deal with the features, properties, etc. of the land such as minerals, the quality and abundance of fresh water, the seas and the oceans, the soil, the forests, etc. in fact everything that occurs naturally and which can be exploited by man. The World Foundation also studies and promotes the science of Metaphysics, that branch of philosophy which investigates the first principles of nature and thought; ontology or the science of being; and metempsychosis, which is the passing of the soul after death into some other body.

The World Foundation for Natural Science was formed and developed by a handful of brave men and women absolutely committed to bringing forth a New World Order in the truest sense of the words, who see the need for a better world, more responsible and responsive government leaders on every level, greater international environmental co-operation, and who want to see the worlds of science and business share a common ideal of working together to reverse the awful damage both have inflicted upon the Earth and its peoples in the past 150 years, in the name of so-called ‘scientific progress.’

We are a totally independent organisation with separate offices in key cities on each of the world’s major continents. We have our own goals, agendas, programmes, literature, magazines, Seminars, Conferences, and Congresses, totally different in content and character to any other Group Activity within the Church. As we said earlier, it grew naturally out of its sister organisation of The Brotherhood of Humanity, which provided the strong Foundation of ‘brave men and women’ for its present success, and is a flourishing new Franciscan Brotherhood (Third Order) of ordinary men and women – some ordained as priests or priestesses – who look to Assisi and our Brother Francis for inspiration, guidance, and example.

As Franciscans we love the Science of Nature, and we wonder at the magic of all created things. Of course GOD has a place in our studies, because any intelligent man or woman who loves the world of Natural Science comes to the inescapable conclusion that there has to be a ‘Higher Intelligence’ – THE FORCE, if you will – governing every natural thing. Any scientist who starts playing around with unnatural science, confounding the laws of Nature, and plays at being ‘Creator’, invariably comes up with a heap of problems that he or she cannot reconcile. Again and again we are compelled to realise the Divine Nature within that we are attempting to study, dissect, and analyse. But please, just because some of us have chosen to commit our lives to living the Spiritual Life in an outer-world legitimate Third Franciscan Order, don’t make the mistake of thinking we are unable to think for ourselves any more, or act rationally as scientific researchers or businessmen.

Much of the world’s greatest teachings have come from monasteries and their libraries, and the quiet time they afford for study and honest thinking. Our resources and our research facilities are not much different. It’s not Sunday every day of the week you know, and we go to work and have families like most normal people – and we are! When required, and when so desired, we will don our robes and mantles and come together as The Brotherhood of Humanity OF The New World Church, to pray together, to sing together, to meditate together, and to eat and talk together, but with our hearts not with our mouths full!. That is a time when, often, science is furthest from our thoughts and lips. Each of us has our personal theology, because The New World Church is definitely not an established form of religion, nor is it a sect, a cult, or a denomination of strictly Christians. Neither are we a bunch of ‘New Agers’ living in a patchouli patch, nor do we believe in having inherited ‘original sin’ from Mr. Adam & Mrs. Eve, or that the world was created in six days 5758 years ago, which is what both the fundamentalist Jews and orthodox Christians believe.

Although operating within the Guidelines as set forth by The Patriarch of The New World Church – who also serves as the World President – The World Foundation for Natural Science is entirely separate from any and all other Group Activities that fall under the ‘umbrella’ of the Church Organism. However, it needs to be emphasised that The New World Church now has thousands of members in 74 countries of the world. It is a true CHURCH, fully recognised as such by the Federal Government of The United States of America under Section 501(c) (3), and Section 170(b)(1)(A)(i) of the Internal Revenue Code. Consequently, any contributions to The World Foundation for Natural Science, over and above the basic costs for any books, materials, tapes, and seminars etcetera are fully tax-deductible. According to our Charter of Incorporation, "The New World Church is organised and shall be operated exclusively for religious, educational, scientific, charitable, and other non-profitable purposes; no part of its net earnings shall inure to the benefit of any private member or individual."

We welcome all those with a healthy attitude who want to give of themselves, to willingly give of their knowledge, and to assist in making the world a better place! In our world, those who continually ask of Life, "What do you have to offer me?", if they listen, will usually find Life echoing back, "What do you have to give?!" Think about this. It is the attitude of those who feel that the world owes them a living that has got us all into the state we find ourselves today. I realise that you don’t know us, but once you get involved with The World Foundation for Natural Science we think you will want to be a working member – alert, alive, and actively involved – FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!

As Jonathan Livingston Seagull said, "It’s good to be a seeker, but sooner or later you have to be a finder, and then it is well to give what you have found – a gift unto the world, for whomever will accept it." It is our sincere hope that you will see in our World Foundation of Natural Science the answer to what you have been searching for these many years, and that you will find our great Brotherhood of Scientists to be just the Foundation you need to give you inspiration in your work and, furthermore, to be a true family of reliable scientific and business contacts not only in foreign countries as you travel, but in new and wonderful worlds of study and research.

Of course there is much, much more in the way of benefits, but these you will find for yourself as you get more involved. You know the natural Law: "The outgo controls the inflow!" "What you sow, you reap." Come sow with us! What is important is that you have the courage to make your voice heard, share with The World Foundation your knowledge, and your special skills and be an example to others like yourself who, up until now, have not had a forum for their frustrations. We are changing the world – your world, and your family’s future world – and we’ll get the job done a lot faster with your help than without it!