The Impact of Microwaves on WaterDie Auswirkungen von Mikrowellen auf WasserEl Impacto de las Microondas sobre el Agua

The Impact of Microwaves on Water

Project Leader
Frank-Robert Belewsky

High-frequency pulsed microwave radiation interferes with the natural electro-magnetic integrated power grid of water. As a result the hydrogen bonds are breaking, the structure of water is becoming destabilised and the microbiology is being thrown off balance. With worldwide mobile telephony the entire water household of Planet Earth and of all living organisms is affected. This has severe implications, for there is no life without water. Water does not only quench thirst, but it also plays a role in cell-to-cell communication, metabolism, it binds cell structures together, and it is needed to flush out waste material and poisons. All these natural capacities of water or affected by the microwave technology.   

We are striving to raise people’s awareness of the manifold tasks water has, so that they may start to appreciate this element and realise how dangerous this unnatural microwave technology is for water and thus for all life. Therefore, we are writing issue related articles for publication in magazines and newspapers and hold lectures as well as seminars. 

Moreover, we are studying the functions and behaviour of the four elements - especially of the water element -, we are investigating what relevant scientific research has been conducted around the world, and are gathering relevant information. In addition, we are investigating the effects of transmitters on water towers for drinking water supply.

We hold the vision of healthy and natural inner and outer water cycles, which are not exposed to any unnatural radiation (sonar, mobile telecommunication radiation, etc.) and in which all creatures can live and develop freely.

Further Information

  • In German only: Der Einfluss technischer Strahlung auf unser Wasser (Source: Ökostadt Report)