Youth and Mobile PhonesJugend und HandysLa Juventud y los Teléfonos Móviles

Youth and Mobile Phones

Project Leader
Petra Zbinden

Mobile phones may be handy but they damage the health of their users enormously due to their electro-magnetic radiation. Children and teenagers are especially sensitive to microwave radiation since their skull bones are thinner, their nervous systems are more sensitive, their immune systems are less developed and their cells divide at a higher rate. Therefore, celldamage - as it is caused by microwave radiation - spreads faster.

We endeavour to teach pupils at state schools to use their mobile phones sensibly. The teaching materials we have put together are available for teachers in Switzerland and abroad to inform their pupils about the dangers of mobile telecommunication. Furthermore, teacher training courses are offered on request.  

The World Foundation for Natural Science is calling on everyone - especially on children and teenagers - to consider the dangers of today’s mobile telecommunication and do without their mobile until a new harmless telecommunications technology has been introduced.

Further Information

  • Brochure for children and young adults: Cellular Telecommunication - Cell Phones are out!
  • Electromagnetic fields from mobile phones: Health effect on children and teenagers
  • Council of Europe: The potential dangers of electromagnetic fields and their effect on the environment (Resolution 1815)