The World Foundation for Natural Science

Dscription of the Crest

"Our ’logotype‘, trademark, or identification symbol was designed to be as instantly recognisable as the symbol of the ’United Nations‘, or the crest of the United States. Our primary goal, though, was to show in one glance what The World Foundation for Natural Science represents – perfect balance in every way; balanced evidence; an unbiased, fair, and balanced viewpoint; a balanced, mature approach in our studies and in all research; a balance between science and nature; a balance between man and the environment; the balanced Scales of Justice and fair play for the Earth and all life upon it; and a balanced graphic design that is pleasing to the eye, and that thousands will never get tired of looking at, and will be proud to display as a lapel or tie pin, as a crest on a jacket or ’T-shirt‘, or framed on the wall of their home, their laboratory, or office.

Primarily, the two hands represent the Creative Force – the Sacred Womb – of Mother Earth that brings forth, cradles, caresses, nurtures, feeds, restores, resurrects, renews, and enfolds ALL Life... the animals and birds; the woodlands and forests; the vegetables and fruits; the flowers and plants; and the minerals and natural resources. Secondly, the destiny of the Earth is in OUR hands – yours and mine together – female and male, joined in willing co-operation and agreement, and with a loving friendship that transcends any and all misunderstanding. It always has been thus, but we all need to be reminded that we are responsible for our own creation, as well as that which has been given to us to be responsible for.

That is what is meant in the first chapter of the Christian Bible – the first Book of Jewish Torah – "Then God said, ’Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness; let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over the cattle, over all the Earth and over every creeping thing that creeps the Earth.‘" [Genesis 1:26] ’Dominion‘ means "Sovereignty: Lordship: a domain or territory with one ruler, owner or government...not subordinate to but freely associated with the Mother-country." Isn‘t this our relationship to "Mother Earth" also? Being a Sovereign means that you are a Supreme Ruler (a King, Queen, Monarch, Emperor, Lord, Tsar, Shah, Sultan, Kaiser, Regent, or Maharajah, call yourself what you will), but this does not mean that you have the right to kill off your subjects one by one, for that would eliminate your domain. Neither does this give to you the right to destroy the Kingdom entrusted to you while you have ’Dominion‘. Others "Having Dominion" doesn‘t give them the right to shoot and KILL the Life that has been entrusted to them to look after, to feed, to nurture, and to expand.

Whether you believe this or not is irrelevant. What is important is WHAT you truly believe; not what you are willing to believe for the sake of convenience. That is what has got this World of ours into trouble, because we believe what we want to believe when we choose to believe it, but that moment never arrives except when we choose it to. We change THE LAW to suit our own purposes, by adding one human ’statute‘ after another, until we no longer recognise THE LAW as it was once given to us, and that is why we change it; not only to suit our own purposes, but to be able to say, "I DIDN‘T KNOW," or "NOT ME!" Well, now you know, and now you also know where this bold new Scientific Endeavour of THE WORLD FOUNDATION FOR NATURAL SCIENCE stands in regard to Natural Law, Common Law, and the ’Scriptures.‘

If you profess to being either a ’Jew‘ or a ’Christian,‘ what you need to realise is that we have just read back to you what you are supposed to ’believe‘ in, adhere to, and ABIDE by! Approximately 1 900 000 000 (or 32%) of the world‘s population are Christians, plus another 17 810 000 (0.3%) who are Jewish. That‘s 32.3% of the world‘s population whose religion decrees that they have the Divine Mandate to guide, guard, direct, and protect ALL Natural Life on this Planet. Yet it is predominantly this group, and this group alone, that is primarily responsible for the awful state that this precious, delicate, Planet Earth now finds herself in. These Christians and Jews (with the help of a lot of Muslims, Hindus, etc.) are deliberately raping the Planet daily for their own benefit, exhausting her precious natural resources, and carelessly dumping millions of barrels of oil into the seas because they couldn‘t care less.

Again and again we see men (rarely women) going off into the countryside to shoot and kill the animal population, but they wouldn‘t dream of killing off their household pets. They have ’dominion‘ over their home, their children, and their office staff, but wouldn‘t think of destroying their home, poisoning their children, or killing their employees in one great killing spree on a mad Monday! But yet these same individuals willingly and regularly kill the animal life, and destroy their habitat. They poison the waters which they then drink themselves, and bury tons and tons of toxic, lethal, and extremely hazardous chemical and nuclear waste in the earth for their children (or their children‘s children) to find a mere generation Later! It just doesn‘t make sense.

The hands also represent the two opposing principles of Chinese philosophy influencing destiny – the receiving hand on the left representing the ’Yin‘ (Chin. meaning dark), negative (indrawing), and feminine (enfolding); the giving hand on the right representing the ’Yang‘ (meaning bright or light), positive (outgoing), and masculine (creative). In other words, the destiny of the Earth is in our hands – yours and mine – TODAY. The oak leaves symbolise the life that comes from Earth, with the acorns symbolising renewed and expanding life. You will also notice there are nine oak leaves on the left, nine tongues of flame, and nine leaves on the right – 999 symbolising the power of the three times three, which is the Number of God. The acorns and leaves come from the Mighty Tree of the secret and Sacred Inner Teaching Order of The Foundation for Higher Spiritual Learning. The seven acorns represent the Seven Mighty Elohim of Creation.

The great torch in the centre represents FIRE; the globe represents EARTH; the tufted barn owl represents AIR; and the beaker represents WATER – the four basic elements. The scales are in perfect balance, and that neither the beaker or the owl are resting on the scales, because everything was given to us in perfect balance and it is up to us to keep Nature that way. Everything in Nature has its place; you cannot weigh one against the other. There is a need for chemicals, just as there is a need for owls. You cannot develop any one thing in Nature at the expense of another. Everything must be ’weighed‘ and considered when working with Nature. The scales, with their two scientific calipers holding the weighing pans, symbolise three basic principles:

    (i) Justice and fairness of the Law for everything that has breath and life upon the Planet.

    (ii) The careful, balanced objectivity by which all life needs to be studied, and analysed in the world of science, bearing in mind that what you are studying, or proposing to develop or change, is already in balance with some other part of Nature.

    (iii) The torch represents us. The two scales are joined in the centre by a representative common yoke that symbolises the weight of accountability that is on our individual shoulders to ACT RESPONSIBLY towards and with Nature. It is a privileged Mandate from God, but a great burden nevertheless, and we have no choice but to accept it if we want to survive."