Distribution of Information MaterialVerteilung von InfomaterialDistribución de Material de Información

Distribution of Information Material

In order to prohibit the hazardous microwave technology, it is important that people all over the world become aware of the dangers of this unnatural radiation and make a common effort to promote a healthy life without microwaves.
Therefore, we focus on awareness raising. The World Foundation for Natural Science has various information material in different languages, which is being distributed all over the world by our members, either privately or at our official stands or events of The World Foundation for Natural Science (see shop). We gladly provide other organizations and individuals with these materials for distribution. Please contact us for further information (see services).
We also offer seminars and organize lectures for various target groups. The World Foundation for Natural Science addresses also official letters to selected groups of people (governments, hospitals, health institutions, mid-wives, doctors, etc.) to point out the dangers of microwaves. Letters to the editor, official comments or articles in newspapers and magazines aim at the same.