Natural Telecommunication TechnologiesNatürliche Telekommunikations- technologienTecnologias Naturales de Telecomunicaciones

Natural Telecommunication Technologies

Project Leader
Albert Gort, Electrical Engineer

Today’s radio engineering, which is based on alternating current and which is applied to TV, radio, and mobile telephony, is damaging man’s and nature’s health immensely; simply because it is not in accord with Natural Law. Nature is the perfect expression of God’s creative power. In line with the principle of direct current, it uses gentle, goal-directed, delicate electro magnetic impulses to communicate and has a positive effect on its surroundings. Future telecommunications technologies will have to live up to these principles and thus have a positive influence on man and nature.

By studying nature and approaching her with love and respect we will learn how the basic Divine Laws can be applied to natural telecommunications technologies. The gained insights are being recorded and shared with our fellowmen. The main objective of The World Foundation for Natural Science is to replace the current unnatural telecommunications technologies (mobile telephony, radio, TV, WLAN, etc.) by natural life-supporting technologies.