Project Leader
Sabrina Amico-Persili, lic.phil.I

There are still numerous super tanker accidents each year polluting the seas and causing incredible harm for their inhabitants and the birds in the coastal regions. The main reason for this is the fact that many shipping companies are still using obsolete, single-walled oil tankers to transport crude oil and clean and empty their tanks on the open sea.

We are gathering information on the international sea laws. With this information we can take action against violations of these laws and protect the seas from pollution with oil and poisonous chemicals.

We are working towards the continuous monitoring of known single-walled tankers, which will enable us to inform the authorities of the respective countries when they enter the 12-mile zone and put them under public pressure so that the tankers will be asked to leave the respective territory. We intend to supply the technical resources and the know-how to monitor the shipping traffic on-line. 

The World Foundation for Natural Science promotes the toleration of only double-walled oil tankers within the 12-mile zone. Super tanker accidents shall be unheard of in future. The crystal clear waters of the seas shall once again supply all creatures with the necessary nutrients for a healthy life.