Project Leader
Sabrina Amico-Persili, lic.phil.I

Extreme overfishing since the beginning of industrial fishing more than 50 years ago is responsible for the fact that 80% of the fish population all over the world is threatened with overfishing, is already overfished or even destroyed. About 30 million tonnes, which is one third of the total catch of marine fishing, is unprofitable by-catch and is simply thrown over board. Should this go on with the current intensity, our seas are likely to be depleted of fish in about 40 years’ time. Ruthless fishing methods, such as trawl nets, are destroying vast areas of the sea floor as well as precious coral reefs and lead to an unnatural imbalance of species of fish. Moreover, dolphins, whales, sharks, sea birds and seals get caught in the finely woven drift nets, which are far too large, and die in thousands and thousands.  

The World Foundation for Natural Science is informing consumers of the current state of the seas regarding overfishing and asks them to change their consumption pattern to exert pressure on the fishing industry so that it adopts reasonable and sustainable fishing methods. At the same time we are officially intervening in politics, distribution, the economy, and fishing industry.  

We are supporting the re-establishment of the natural balance in the seas as well as considerate and sustainable fishing practices. Moreover, we are striving to show man the importance of appreciating the seas and its creatures and treating them with love, respect, and gratefulness.