Animals need FriendsTiere brauchen FreundeLos Animales necesitan Amigos

Animals need Friends

Project Leader
Daniel Schillig

Man has been made responsible for the animal kingdom. As the ‘crown of creation’ he should treat his subjects the way a good king does. He should care for them, protect them, and be concerned with their physical and spiritual well-being; being aware of the fact that these blessed beings are giving their lives to serve selflessly. Therefore, he should make sure they can continue with their predetermined development. They can only develop when man treats the animals with love and respect.

The World Foundation for Natural Science is concerned with the termination of hunting and the unnecessary killing of animals. We are informing people on the fact that from a scientific point of view there is no tenable ecological reason for hunting, and that nature – as it was created by Father-Mother-God – is fully able to regulate itself and maintain a healthy balance, without man needing to interfere.

It is also a long-term aim to establish in agriculture a natural livestock keeping, which is influenced by love, appreciation, and gratitude for the service of our friends from the animal kingdom.