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Drinking Water

Project Leader
Jörg Dossenbach, Farmer

Our planet consists of two thirds of water and so does the human body! But only 0.6% of this vast amount of water is potable. And clean drinking water has become scarce due to man’s interference. Today there are already 1.1 billion people who have no access to clean drinking water and about 10,000 people are dying daily of the effects of water shortage. Drinking water - or the blue gold as it is also called - will be the most precious good in the near future. Therefore, food companies are buying wells all over the world; as if such a God given resource can be owned by anybody!

We are striving to make people aware of the necessity of clean water and to promote the appreciation of this vital element. As a first step we have put up a drinking water well to invite everyone to drink water. The second step will be to decorate its surroundings and put up information boards about the element water.  

The World Foundation for Natural Science promotes the availability of clean drinking water for all inhabitants of Planet Earth; for man and animals.