Global WarmingGlobale ErwärmungCalentamiento Global

Global Warming

Project Leader
Daniel Schillig

Global warming is mainly being attributed to the excessive production of carbon dioxide. Although it is imperative to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide which pollutes the air, it is not the carbon dioxide but deforestation which is the main problem concerning global warming. The fewer trees there are on this planet, the less carbon dioxide is being absorbed and the less can the ongoing warming – which has mainly natural reasons – be balanced out. Therefore, the focus of political agendas and environmental organisations should be on reforestation. Planting trees is the simplest, most cost-effective and most efficient way of countering global warming.

We endeavour to educate people so that they are better able to understand the processes which are at work in nature and that they perceive global warming as a natural process in the evolution of planet Earth. Together we want to contribute to the re-establishment of the natural balance in nature by planting millions of trees. Moreover, we aim to get the public and politicians to realise that the dangerous microwave technology with its ever increasing radiation (mobile telephony) is an additional factor that heats up the atmosphere unnaturally.