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Natural Birth

Project Leader
Kirsten Proppe, mid-wife

Modern obstetrics is developing more and more into a birth medicine that controls the natural process of pregnancy and birth with excessive technical and medical monitoring, e.g. ultrasound or CTG (cardiotocograph), thus manipulating with numerous interferences, which are for the most part unnecessary. 

Nowadays complications are provoked due to fear and impatience, which make the process of giving birth risky and leave parents with the impression that giving birth to a child is something dangerous. Thus every third birth ends in a caesarean, although to this day this is still the most dangerous form of giving birth.

Children should be conceived with love and confidence. Parents and their unborn children should also be supported during pregnancy and be prepared for birth with love and confidence and be supported during the process of giving birth by able mid-wives and obstetricians. Thus the entire family can experience how simple and joyful such a natural birth can be.

Through example and education we are striving to re-establish confidence in the Laws of Nature regarding conception, pregnancy and giving birth. Thus the mistaken birth medicine will be replaced by natural midwifery.

We regularly give and organize lectures and seminars on these topics and have our articles published in professional journals and newspapers. In addition, we are approaching gynecologists, hospitals and birthplaces with our information. Parents to be are individually supported and prepared for delivery at Kirsten Proppe and Berti Rudin’s midwife practice.