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Bach Flowers

Project Leader
Ursula Wenk, chemist and qualified health consultant (dipl.Gesundheitsberaterin AAMI)

Thanks to his sensitivity the English physician Dr. Edward Bach (1886-1936) developed a healing system, which is based on the healing powers of 38 wild flowers and trees. He realised that fungal infections and bacteria are not the reasons but the effect of physical problems and that the real reasons are to be found in a negative frame of mind, such as fear, pride, ignorance, jealousy, doubt, impatience, uncertainty, despair, etc.. The energy potential of the Bach Flower remedies can balance these negative emotions and help develop the corresponding positive frame of mind, e.g. love, confidence, determination, courage, hope, faith, self-confidence, patience.

The Bach Flower therapy is a gentle but highly effective possibility to balance oneself. For it is only when we are in tune with our own inherent divinity and when we hear the still small voice inside and act accordingly, that our body does not have to catch our attention by giving us physical problems, such us pain, skin rashes, sleeplessness etc.

One of the main objectives of The World Foundation for Natural Science is to impart a holistic understanding of health and disease. Dr Bach’s Flower therapy is a great possibility for prevention. It guides us to the reasons of diseases and helps us to play an active role in the healing process through the conscious development of our qualities.

The objective of our lectures, seminars, and individual counselling is to help you deepen your knowledge of the Bach Flower therapy in order to apply it yourself. For Dr. Bach recommended having the flower remedies in every household to be able to use them for the benefit of man, animals and plants at any time.

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