Right to TruthRecht auf WahrheitDerecho a la Verdad

The Right to Truth

The World Foundation for Natural Science — the World Franciscan Scientific Endeavour — claims the right to scientific truth and only truth. Scientific truth is all–encompassing. It includes all aspects of life: politics, economies, education and research, law, religion and society.

The World Foundation for Natural Science
claims the absolute right to say the truth at all times, everywhere and under all conditions, to represent the truth on this earth and to re-establish its rightful place it should have always had.
Accepting the truth is often hard and painful. Truth is a double–edged sword which not only cuts through the lies of others but also through ones own. However, truth sets us free. It is the ray of light from which darkness yields. That is why it is opposed and suppressed bitterly by those who are using lies to get more might and riches than is due to them. This is the fundamental evil of our time which is now becoming apparent everywhere and thus can be corrected on all levels. The world can only survive on the foundation of truth. Truth prospers only in freedom — in freedom of thought and speech.

The World Foundation for Natural Science
understands well the money–controlled political power structure in this world and certainly knows what it means to overcome the existing political and economic constraints and restrictions and prevent those still being planned. The price for restoring freedom will be high. We have been passively watching for far too long, while they have been taking away step by step our freedom in all aspects of life.