Reforestation Department

Department Director
Daniel Schillig

Considering the on-going global changes it is not only essential to maintain national and international forests, to keep them healthy and to replace cut trees, but also to start with massive reforestation. Half of the area of the planet’s forests has already been cleared of trees and deforestation is still going on. Exemplary forest laws in certain countries such as Switzerland say that forest areas must not be reduced. However, this is not enough. Many more trees need to be replaced than are cut. Did you know that it takes 2’000 young beech trees with a crown volume of 1 m3 to compensate for the performance or service to life of one single hundred-year-old beech tree?

Once you realise the incredible service of the trees to life, you cannot but bow before them in reference and gratitude. Trees are essential for man. They maintain the perfect balance of the four elements - earth, water, air, and fire. And these elements in turn provide us with everything we need for life.

We hold the vision that our planet is once again covered with lush forests in which life is pulsating, breathing, and thriving and that man is once again ready and willing to consciously cooperate with the nature kingdom and thus honour and bless all life.

We are informing the public on the relation of global warming and deforestation and endeavour to raise people’s awareness regarding the mighty service of the trees. Our main objective is to get people to plant trees all over the earth.


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