Agriculture Department

Department Director
Gottfried Halter, Farmer

Today’s agricultural policy is aimed at ever increasing sizes of farms and more economic ways of farming. This forces farmers to exploit the soil more and more instead of encouraging them to farm it with care, in a sustainable way, and in accord with nature. Rather than cooperating, farmers find themselves in competition with each other and have lost sight of their original duty: to work together to bring forth healthy foodstuff.

The World Foundation for Natural Science promotes an agriculture which is in accord with Natural and Divine Law, and one where the farmers work together with the visible as well as the invisible part of Nature according to the principles of life to provide mankind once again with healthy and natural crop.

We are promoting such agriculture by transforming the farms of our project members more and more into the afore-mentioned ideals, so that these farms can be used as model farms within Switzerland and abroad.

At the same time we endeavour to give people whenever possible the opportunity to get into direct contact with Mother Earth, to arouse in them again their love for Nature and Its Creatures and their appreciation for the crops of the Earth. 


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