Sea Department

Department Director
Sabrina Amico-Persili, lic.phil.I

“The Sea, which is the largest habitat of our planet, is threatened by man in many respects. Extreme pollution and overfishing, ruthless fishing methods as well as whaling and catching dolphins, which is still practised by certain nations, are getting thousands of endangered species very close to extinction. In addition, the seas are responsible for numerous essential tasks that concern the entire planet. They provide us for instance with fresh water and absorb vast amounts of carbon dioxide. Therefore, the destruction of the seas does not only entail the end of a limited habitat, but puts also the ecosystem of our entire planet at risk.

Our main concern is to bring about a new understanding and a new appreciation for the Seas all over the world through love, respect and gratefulness for this mighty kingdom and its charming creatures.

This holy inner space of Planet Earth shall be perfectly restored in its original beauty and abundance. The Seas shall once again become a mighty source of life and a healthy habitat for all the wonderful creatures of the Sea.”


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