Microwaves Department

Department Director
Albert Gort, Electrical Engineer

“Our main concern is to educate people all over the world regarding the dangers of microwave technology and to support them in promoting a healthy life without microwaves.Today’s hazardous and unnatural microwave technology, which is applied in different areas of life, has to be prohibited worldwide and replaced by a technology which is in accordance with Nature and therefore does not inflict any harm on man or Nature.”

The Problem

The microwave technology, which is used for mobile telecommunication, microwave ovens, cordless telephones and baby phones with a DECT-standard, weapons technology, weather manipulation and in ever new systems, is becoming the most hazardous threat to all life that has ever been created by man. Never before have man and nature been exposed to such an extensive and violent destructive power.

 The potential for damage of this unnatural technical radiation is far higher and far more dramatic than even the opponents of mobile telecommunication are generally aware of. For it is not only about threshold values or the amount of radiation that threatens man and nature, but it is also - first and foremost - about the quality of this unnatural radiation.

The law of Paracelsus says, it is the quantity that determines if a substance is a poison or not. However, it can only be applied to natural substances. For synthetically or technically produced substances and radiation the law of Petkau applies, which says that a small dosage over a long period of time is more harmful than a high dosage over a short period of time.

Every living system has been created by natural electromagnetic impulses. These are all sustained by and work due to these natural electromagnetic processes. This is life. Minerals, plants, animals and people are ‘electromagnetic systems’, caused into being by an intelligent creative genius. Everything obeys divine order. The entire universe, consisting of the smallest light particles, vibrates in various frequencies according to its underlying directing consciousness. Everything is vibration and consciousness.  

Unnatural microwave radiation interferes with all of these sensitive processes, which take place everywhere in nature and in our bodies. The inevitable consequence will be illness and decay. It is just a question of time until the consequences will become visible. This is why The World Foundation for Natural Science has been warning for years against the harmful effects of this unnatural radiation and why we have been vehemently promoting a healthy life without microwaves. And with microwaves we mean the whole range of applications of this unnatural radiation, including ultrasound, radio and television waves, etc. 

Our information materials, especially our film “For a Healthy Life without Microwaves” are designed to educate the public, to inform and warn them of the dangers of this technology and to support them in their endeavour to defend themselves. The World Foundation for Natural Science is a Franciscan scientific organisation and takes always natural and spiritual approaches into consideration in its attempt at a solution. With our holistic view of this problem we demand the immediate development of alternative technologies which are in accord with divine order and thus do not inflict any harm on man or nature.

The right of life and physical inviolability are basic rights of man. Thus they are above all other laws. Nowadays these basic rights are massively violated by today’s use of microwave technology. Owing to its love for mankind and nature The World Foundation for Natural Science promotes a healthy life without microwaves. We ask you from the bottom of our hearts to support us in this endeavour. Our information material can be ordered in our Shop.


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