Project Leader
Gottfried Halter, Farmer

Birds are an important indicator of an intact ecological balance in our environment. They love structured landscapes with trees, hedges and shrubs and especially vast wetlands…and they love being close to people, to us. As with most creatures, birds are very sensitive to unnatural environmental impacts. For example, the use of pesticides in agriculture is a big threat for the birds, because not only do these substances kill countless insects – which are a basic food resource for the birds – but they poison the birds as well. But more and more our feathered friends are also threatened worldwide by microwave radiation such as from transmitters and satellites, and we may observe that they gradually draw back from areas, that are heavily exposed to radiation. That’s why many birds are on the endangered species’ list. Protecting them should be one of our – man’s – main concerns. Not only to maintain biodiversity, but because birds also play an important role in the life of humans.

Birds are messengers of God. They start their day off with a song und thus praise their creator. Their elaborate flying and their independence inspire the mind of man and awaken in him the longing for freedom. Birds are an expression of joy, happiness and a life without worries. Their twittering, singing and piping delight the soul of human beings and fill the air with sweet song.

The World Foundation for Natural Science speaks up for the protection of the birds and their habitat by bringing to man’s attention the needs of the many different bird species and making them aware of the bird’s particular role in the order of creation. We encourage people to get to know better their feathered neighbours and make friends with them – not least by species-appropriate feeding. Also, in this respect, we are grateful for the activities of the local ornithological societies, which – by their commitment – render an inestimable service for the well-being of the birds.