The World Foundation for Natural Science holds regularly lectures, seminars, workshops, scientific congresses and other events to raise the participants’ understanding of the Laws of Nature and to give them a feeling for Divine Order on this planet. At the same time we endeavour to direct the participants’ consciousnesses onto the living permanence in life, on what is noble, true and beautiful and to show practicable and applicable ways for a healthy and natural life … a life based on Natural and Divine Law.    

We are also getting people into direct contact with Mother Earth, in order to show them the connection of man and nature so that their love for creation gets re-awakened and they develop the desire to support the God good and to make this world a better place for all life through example. Click here to view the upcoming events.

These events are normally held at the European Headquarters of The World Foundation for Natural Science, on the organic farm of Edith and Gottfried Halter or at suitable venues in Switzerland or abroad. Click here to view impressions of past events

On request our experts hold also lectures, workshops or seminars where you live and can advise you in their special field on a one-to-one basis. Click here to view events on request.


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