The World Foundation for Natural Science offers its members and other interested people special services which

aim to help them to lead a healthy life or make this Planet a better place for all life. Please scroll down for further information.

If you are interested in any of our services, please send an e-mail to the responsible person or call us on 0041 (0)41 798 03 98.

 The competent lecturers of The World Foundation for Natural Science will be more than happy to hold lectures, workshops or seminars in your area or to advise you on a one-to-one basis. For further information go to events on request.


Health Department

    Practice for Naturopathy

    In our practice for naturopathy we offer the following: comprehensive consulting on health, prevention and vital substances, bio-resonance therapy, dietary advice, reflexology and lymph drainage.

    Lukas Waldmann, Practitioner of Naturopahy

    Bach Flowers

    In our practice for naturopathy we offer general health consultations on Thursdays (or Tuesdays), during which we work with Bach Flowers, spagyric, and kinesiology.

    Ursula Wenk, Chemist and qualified health consultant (dipl.Gesundheitsberaterin AAMI)

    Natural Birth

    Parents to be get in the practice of our midwives Kirsten Proppe and Berti Rudin advice and all the support they need to prepare themselves for a natural birth

    Kirsten Proppe, midwife


Agricultural Department

    On Gottfried and Edith’s farm Chripfelihof we offer organic foodstuff, which has been produced according to the principles of natural farming

    Gottfried Halter, farmer


Sea Department


    We will be pleased to provide you on request with a list of endangered species of fish, due to over-fishing, so that you can adjust your consumer behaviour accordingly. 

    Mammals of the Sea

    We are happy to inform you about current activities of The World Foundation for Natural Science against whaling or the catching of dolphins, with which you can help us; moreover, we can inform you on whale-watching as a means to get to know these marvellous mammals of sea better.

    Sabrina Amico-Persili, lic.phil.I, Department Director


Microwave Department

    Our Microwave Department offers the following:

    • Technical and legal consulting and support for appeals against the erecting of mobile telecommunication antennas.
    • Providing information materials for authorities, communities, schools and other institutions.
    • Measuring the low and high-frequency electric and electro-magnetic fields in flats, houses and on real estates.
    • Measuring changes in the magnetic field of the Earth in flats, houses and on real estates.
    • Consulting on preventive and protective measures against electro smog, for shielding and refurbishment.
    • Individual consulting of firms regarding the use of modern telecommunication technologies and the associated health hazards.

    Albert Gort, electrical engineer

    Youth and Mobiles

    Within the framework of our project Youth and Mobiles we are willing to visit schools, run teacher training seminars or parents’ evenings to inform about the reasonable use of mobiles by children and adolescents.  

    Petra Eschner


Politics Department

    On request we consult politicians one a one-to-one basis and support them in applying the simple rules of life, the Divine laws, in their political area of responsibility.

    Daniel Schillig