The World Foundation for Natural Science gives every person – irrespective of their race, religion or colour - the opportunity to work together with many kindred spirits to help protect this precious planet and its inhabitants as well as the preconditions for our existence. Together we are getting involved wherever nature, plants, animals and people are endangered.

We are mainly concerned with getting man to approach the entire creation again with love, gratitude, appreciation and respect. For, you do not destroy what you love!

I asked of life: What do you have to offer me?” And the answer came, „Share what you have to give!”

At the beginning of each year our members sign a ‚Profession of Commitment for Membership“ (ref. PDF). With their signature they do not only profess that they desire to be a member of The World Foundation for Natural Science, but they also commit themselves to help to make this world a better place for all life.

We honour each commitment for membership. And we use the membership fees responsibly and solely for the fulfilment of our tasks. Moreover, we are all volunteers.

We would be pleased to welcome you soon as a member of The World Foundation for Natural Science and to re-establish together with you Divine Order on this planet through responsibility and commitment. Many thanks for placing your confidence in us.