Review of the 22nd International
 «New Scientific Outlook» World Congress

The World Foundation for Natural Science
The Really Important Things In Life Are Simple!

Thursday, November 2nd, to Sunday, November 5th 2017

Several hundred members and guests from all over the world visited this year’s congress in Ulm, which focused on the topics of water / oceans, cancer treatment with homeopathy, Gonstead chiropractic and adverse health effects of ingredients in cosmetics as well as through the use of induction hobs. Another light was thrown on the shocking increase in the number of people dependent on painkillers, the alarming disappearance of insects and birds, and the rights of animals, which are often trampled underfoot.

With pleasure we convey you a first impression of this event by means of the following picture gallery. Soon you will find on this page also a short written review and film recordings of the lectures.