Thursday, November 2nd to Sunday, November 5th 2017
Maritim Hotel, Ulm, Germany

The rights of animals

Birds, butterflies, crawling creatures and all the other animals are just as much a part of creation as we are. When we understand that by harming any living being, we are doing the same to ourselves, then we would certainly not kill or cause ̵ any creature, brought forth by The Creator to suffer any pain. We have a responsibility for all living creatures and all life in nature. This empowers us to love, to protect and to nurture but not to abuse them for scientific experiments.
Daniel Schillig, farmer and politician, Neuheim, Switzerland

Spring falls silent- why more and more insects and birds are disappearing
and how we can help them

Insects and their close relations represent 60% of the biological diversity of species on our planet. Accordingly they fulfill important tasks in our ecosystems such as pollinators of blossoms and build the soil. In the food chain birds are directly dependent on insects and are indispensable links in nature. The humming and droning of insects and singing of birds in Spring is becoming quieter each year and is in danger of falling silent. Who is responsible for the disappearance of the bees and birds? What has to be done to stop and reverse this?
Sebastian Hausmann, M.Sc., Berlin, Germany

Planet water—our responsibility

Water has so many different abilities and properties unlike any other element have. It transports, conducts, cools, warms, cleanses, informs, nourishes, absorbs, heals and quenches the thirst. Water is the basis of our lives—and we are destroying it. When water is polluted and full of garbage, then the planet is ill and so are we.
Denise Ulrich, dipl. geogr., Hohenrain, Switzerland

The abundance of the oceans—how long will it exist?

The oceans are the greatest water reservoir on earth. The fish of the oceans are the main source of nourishment for billions of people. The oceans today are far from being intact and clean. They and all the life within them are in great distress. Daily we are poisoning this unique world with more and more substances and objects from our everyday life, that we no longer want. We use it excessively and without thinking about the consequences. Are we aware of this? We need the oceans and the oceans need us!
Sabrina Amico, lic. phil. I, Beinwil, Switzerland

Final destination ocean—how cosmetics and medical drugs damage the oceans

The damaging chemical substances in medical drugs and cosmetic products not only affect our bodies but also get into the water after being excreted. Sewage treatment plants cannot filter these substances out, so they eventually end up in the water circle and will definitely come back to us someday. But this does not necessarily have to be the case. Find out how you can contribute with natural products to your (own) beauty and health and to the recovery of the water at the same time.

Are induction stoves dangerous?

Induction stoves are practical, energy-saving and worldwide are replacing the conventional electric stove or gas cooker. But they have a serious drawback: the magnetic field generated by the cooking is harmful to health which is why even the authorities counsel caution. In addition, it is suggested that by cooking with an induction stove the life energy of the food cooked is weakened or even destroyed.
Marcel Hofmann, MSEE, Dipl. El.-Ing. HTL, Utzigen, Switzerland
Franz Ulrich, dipl. El.-Ing. ETH, Hohenrain, Switzerland

How painkillers and sedatives make people addicted

There are more and more people when in distress take painkillers, sedatives, psychotropic drugs and laxatives or whatever they hope is going to give them relief. Often these people get into a vicious circle of dependency and long-term physical or psychic damage. Case studies show that natural remedies can have lasting success, without harming the body.
Lukas Waldmann, natural health professional, Rotkreuz, Switzerland

Is disease evil?—No, it is your body communicating with you

Disease or cancer are not by accident, fate, or punishment, but develop as a result of a natural reaction of the body when it is not in balance. The cause of disharmony in man is in many cases what we call stress. Find out how your spiritual life is the key to avoid unnecessary stress and to communicate with your highly intelligent body.
The Very Reverend Dean em. Paul Probst, SF,
European President, The World Foundation for Natural Science, Lucerne, Switzerland


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