Lectures Congress 2015

More films are under way. Shortly, on this page you will also find videos on the following topics:

  • Soils – The soil, the foundation for our lives, has become fatally ill (Angelika Lübke-Hildebrandt, MSc)
  • Livestock management – What does livestock breeding look like that respects and promotes the well-being of animals, nature and humans? (Dr. med. vet. Nicole Herout)
  • Antibiotics – Antibiotics in livestock management and their fatal consequences (Dr. med. vet. Nicole Herout)
  • Raw milk – Raw milk is healthy: Why isn’t all milk the same? (Prof. Dr. Ton Baars)
  • Vaccination – Myth or threat? (Daniel Trappitsch, Delegate of the “Impfentscheid” Network Board)

Review of Congress 2015