Science without Religion is dead – Albert Einstein

Restoring and Healing the World through Responsibility and Commitment…

… in accord with Natural and Divine Law


Unifying Natural Science and Spiritual Science…

… in order to solve the problems of our times


True Natural Science obtains its knowledge from Nature and her laws

Congress 2015

We have summarized the most significant insights from the 2015 Congress for you...  more


The medicine of the future lies in prevention...  more


Unnatural technological radiation has become the largest man-made threat ever...  more


How the industry drives smokers into addiction and how to liberate yourself...  more


Healthy soil is the foundation for a healthy life and a healthy planet...  more


A natural birth affects one's whole life and contributes to the formation of a healthy immune system...  more


Forests are full of majestic beauty; they are diverse, species-rich and essential...  more


The worldwide disappear- ance of the bees – Why their dying out threatens our own survival...  more


The oceans regulate the climate and purify the fresh water...  more

Social Media

Social media is anything but social...  more

Breast cancer

It is our responsibility to prevent breast cancer by our behaviour...  more


Arbour Day

Today offers the wonderful opportunity to honour the trees, to remember what we owe them and to become aware that they are the solution to several existential global problems!   Read on...

Earth Day 2016

On the occasion of Earth Day on April 22nd all round the world Mother Earth, who is providing for us all we need and require, and this on a constant basis, was honoured. The question is what we humans do in return: do we give anything back, how much and what?   Read on...

Healing of cancer through the ketogenic diet

All over the world carcinosis is on the ever-increasing rise. The UN predicts that tumour-related diseases will double until the year 2030 on a global scale. 21.4 million new incidences and 13.2 million cases of death are then expected annually.    Read on...

WHO officials manipulate information about HPV vaccines

Recommended vaccinations by official institutions are rarely based on scientific evidence. How rarely this is the case becomes evident in the context of the very controversial vaccination with the human Papillomavirus HPV. Alarming facts concerning the safety of the vaccination against HPV have been held back by WHO officials and government officials of various governments […]   Read on...

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